Eco-Friendly Water Solutions for Your Home

energy efficient and eco friendlyWe take showers, and cook and relax by the pool without a second thought, but water remains a scarce resource in some places at home and many countries abroad. The world’s population grows by about 80 million people per year, according to UNwater.com, so water conservation efforts become more important as time goes on. Luckily, revolutionary innovations in water conservation and more broadly, energy efficiency, are changing the way we use the resources at our disposal. These products will help you use less water and lower your carbon footprint:

In The Bathroom

Toto Eco Drake: Most serious conservation efforts are the result of subtle changes that add up to big results. With its E-Max technology, the Toto Eco Drake toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Older toilets use more than 3.5 gallons per flush. Over the course of a year, owners can save hundreds of dollars on their water bills and conserve water in their regions. The Toto Eco Drake is ADA compliant, and received a CalGreen rating on its ecoScorecard.

Uji Shower Head: Many manufacturers have adopted low-flow technology that reduces the amount of water streaming out of a shower head, but a young startup is taking shower conservation to the next level. The Uji Shower Head starts out as a bright green color but turns red once it hits around seven minutes in. According to developers, this friendly visual reminder cuts shower time by 12 percent on average. The Uji Shower head is already saving colleges money by reducing water in the dorms, and it may be just the water saving cue your family needs.

In The Kitchen

LG TrueSteam: Dishwashers demand more water than any appliance in the house, so an energy-efficient machine can save you hundreds of gallons per year. The LG TrueSteam is 30 percent more efficient than standard Energy Star machines, according to LG’s website. TrueSteam’s Direct Drive motor offers high-efficiency performance to get your dishes cleaner with less water. Customize water pressure for each rack with LG’s dual-stream spray option. This highly rated machine will save you time, money and most importantly, water.

Grohe K7 Faucet: Anyone who cooks will appreciate the flexibility and performance of the Grohe K7 faucet. Eco-friendly owners will appreciate Grohe’s water conservation efforts. The K7 is an eco-friendly, Watersense-certified faucet with a locking dual spray control that switches back and forth between regular flow, and spray mode. With a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute, the K7 is one of the most efficient high-end faucets on the market.

Around The House

Energy-efficient light bulbs remain one of the most popular ways to stay green around the house. The GE 13-Watt SmartTM bulb is one of the most popular, well-rated, and affordable bulbs on the market. If you’re looking for a more substantial eco-friendly investment, energy saving windows keep conditioned air from seeping out of the house and prevents the sun from warming up your home. Find more information on eco-friendly products at www.energysavings.com, which features products and prices that will help you further reduce your carbon footprint.

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