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As a member of the 4Change Energy family, you join an organization that believes in helping fellow Texans in need. Choose your favorite cause amongst our four charitable partners and we’ll make a contribution to them on your behalf. Even better? All contributions come from our profits—not your pockets.

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The State of Texas requires a government-issued identification number be used for account and identity verification.

I authorize 4Change Energy to act as my agent to perform the tasks necessary to switch, establish, or change my electric service to 4Change Energy. I have read, understand, and accept my Plan Documents (EFL, TOSA, and YRAC), and the Enrollment Disclosure and Consent

I have read, understand, and accept the Paperless Disclosures and Consent. By enrolling, I agree to receive my bills, all documents regarding my service, and all other communications to the email address provided during this enrollment. I agree that I have provided 4Change Energy with a valid email address and understand that I will not receive any bills via regular postal mail.

Maxx Saver Select 24
$100 bill credit per billing cycle when usage is at least 1000 kWh
12.7 ₵/kWh
1000 kWh usage
Call for customer service

$100 bill credit per billing cycle when usage is at least 1000 kWh

Please review the EFL details to determine your price calculation for all usage levels

Your actual price per kWh will vary based on your actual monthly usage

Advertised rate is based on per 1000kWh

Renewable 6%
Term 24 Months
Cancellation Fee $20 per remaining month
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