Fake Checks Are Being Sent To Unsuspecting Victims

scam-alertPeople from across the country have been receiving surprise packages with suspicious looking checks inside.  Usually, the checks are for the amount of $2,570 and are made out to the person that lives at the address where the check was sent to.  In every case, the checks are signed by a computer-generated signature.  The signature is unreadable, but the initials look to be B.B.

In all cases, the checks were sent 2-Day Priority Mail via the US Postal Service.  The return sender information shows the letter as coming from Robert Hill of the North Texas city of Plano, Texas, yet all of the tracking codes appear to originate in Poth, Texas — a town located in South Texas with a population of just 2,300.

If you receive such a check, please do not attempt to cash it.  Feel free to reach out to us for more information.


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