Garland Electricity Providers and Rates

Whether you’ve recently relocated to Garland Texas or you are just looking to lower your electricity bill, Vault electricity is your one shop stop for comparing electricity providers.  Here you will find the best plans from the most trusted electric companies in Texas.

There are over a dozen electric companies that provide service in Garland. Narrow down your search and find the plan that fits your needs by using our electricity rate selection tool.

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Not only will you find cheap Garland TX electricity rates here.  But there are several other plan features that may be important to you.  Plans may include:

  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Free Nights
  • Free Weekends
  • No Credit Check
  • Month-to-month no contract plans
  • Rewards programs
  • Charitable giving plans

It’s all listed here.  We are obsessed with helping Texans find the perfect electricity plan and holding onto their hard earned money.

Featured Electricity Rates In Garland, Texas

Compare the cheapest Garland electricity providers and rates

Why Should I Compare Electricity Rates in Garland?

Many people who move to Garland from out of state or from parts of Texas that don’t allow choice, don’t always know that they have the power to choose their electric provider.  The most important thing is to make the effort to examine your options when it comes to choosing your energy provider.

Electricity rates in Texas can vary widely from one provider to the next and even from one day to the next.  You may not realize just how different the rates of different providers. Even within the same company there can be a big difference in the electricity rate from one plan to the next.

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Top Garland Electricity Rates From Each Provider

Electric CompanyPlan NameElectricity Rate
BKV energyThe Lantana 1514.2¢/kWh
Frontier UtilitiesFrontier Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 2411.3¢/kWh
Cirro EnergySmart Simple 1215.6¢/kWh
TrieagleSure Value 3612.9¢/kWh
Direct EnergyAutopay Texas 1216.3¢/kWh
Green Mountain EnergyPollution Free e-Plus17.4¢/kWh
TXUClear Deal 1213.9¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 1211.1¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Lite 1219.1¢/kWh
Express EnergyFlash 2411.3¢/kWh
Veteran EnergyVeteran Energy Valor 3612.8¢/kWh
ReliantReliant Power On 1219.9¢/kWh
Payless PowerRate Lock 1218.3¢/kWh
Rates Updated March 10, 2024
For a more detailed realtime rate comparison enter your zip code at the top of the page.  Our rate comparison tool lets you see all providers and rates. You can filter by term length, usage level, green energy plans, no deposit plans and get you them most up to date pricing.  The rates listed above are for  the 1,000 kWh usage level. More Information on any of these plans >>>

That’s where we come in.  The best way to shop for electricity is to see all your options in one place.  We’ve put all that information at your figure tips.

Even if you aren’t moving, you can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching providers when another company offers you a better electricity rate.

We take a very active roll when comparing commercial electricity rates.

Why Are Credit Checks Run by Garland Electric Companies?

The short answer is that electric companies want to make sure they are likely to get paid.  Performing a credit check helps them determine the risk of default before enrolling someone.

Each company has its own credit thresholds. But if these thresholds are not met, they will ask for a deposit.  The deposit amount differs from company to company and depends on several factors including the credit score and the historical electricity usage for the address being enrolled.

Electricity providers must pay the power producers for the power they sell to consumers.  If someone doesn’t pay their light bill, the electric company still has to pay the producers of the power they delivered to an address.

Are the EFLs of the Electricity Plans Worth My Time?

The marketing language used by Garland electric companies can be incomplete.  The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is meant to paint a better picture for consumers to show them precisely what is included in an electric plan including rates and any fees or costs associated with each plan.

Mostly, electricity providers in Garland are given the leeway to innovate in creating energy products with various different pricing structures.  The EFL is a standardized document mandated by the PUC.  It is meant to give shoppers a way to compare electricity plans in a common format.

In the EFL you will find:

  • Average electricity rates for 500, 1000, and 2000 kWhs
  • Per kWh costs
  • Length of Contract
  • Percentage of renewable energy included with the plan
  • Language that clarifies exactly how electricity rates for the plan are calculated.
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Flat fees
  • Pass-through fees from the TDU

We have included a link to the EFL for every plan listed on Vault Electricity.  Often the rates that are marketed to the public don’t tell the whole story of what your actual rates may be.  You should always review the EFL before you decide on an electric plan.

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Garland, Texas – Digging Deeper Than Comparing Electricity Rates

Being the 13th largest city in Texas, Garland has a population of around 238,000. It is also considered to be one of the best places to live if you want to save money. And the living satisfaction of Galveston is ranked high among the nation.

Garland mostly lies in Dallas County, and can be considered to be an extension of the city, as it dwells just northeast of Dallas. Its major employers are the Independent School District of Garland, the City of Garland, Kraft Foods, US Food Service, and Valspar.

The city has a high percentage of Vietnamese: about 12% of the foreign population in Garland is from Vietnam. And according to recent data, there are more Hispanic people than any other race in the city, making for more diversity within the city limits.

The most common degrees in Garland are in General Business, Clinical Psychology, and Multidisciplinary Studies in various subjects. These degrees are mostly obtained at Amberton University or Remington College-Dallas.

Caleb Landry Jones, an up-and-coming actor, was born in Garland, Texas. And LeAnn Rimes, the famous country music singer, came of age in the city; she moved there from Mississippi at the age of 6.

If the Lights Go Out, Call the Power Company in Garland TX

TXU/Oncor Contact Information:
For power outages in Garland Texas, please call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747. To have underground lines located prior to digging in Garland Texas, call 1-800-344-8377. To view Garland Texas outage maps, click here.

Smart Meter Information: 
For information on the smart meter program in Garland Texas, click here.

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