Commercial Electricity Rates in Texas

Our commercial clients save an average of 47% on their electricity!

We work with the top electricity providers in Texas to get you the absolute lowest electric rate possible. Through our blind reverse auction process, we receive multiple customized rate quotes from over two dozen electric companies interested in winning your business, then assist you in choosing the rate and terms that work best for your business.

There is no cost and no obligation to utilize our blind reverse auction process. We do the work, you get the savings. Our fees are paid by the electric companies — you pay us nothing!

Our commercial clients range from small single-room offices to entire municipalities. We have the experience, knowledge and relationships needed to get you the lowest electric rate possible, no matter the size or complexity of your situation.

We just received our first electric bill from the new provider and I estimate an annual savings of $24k based on our previous consumption. We are very pleased!


Tell Us What You Need. We'll Do the Rest!

How our blind reverse auction process works

We start by analyzing your current electricity profile so we have an in-depth understanding of your situation. We then place your electricity requirements up for blind bidding to the top electric providers in the state. This forces the electric providers to offer you the absolute lowest rates they can in hopes of winning your business. We assimilate the offers and present them to you with our recommendation. After you select the rate and terms that best meet your specific needs, we manage the process of switching your account to the provider you choose.

Call us today at 214-446-2210 to find out how much you could be saving!

Unlike residential electricity rates, commercial rates can be custom priced based on several factors. These factors include location within the state, how and when your electricity is used, amount of electricity you use on an annual basis, and other criteria. The tremendous savings that can be obtained through the reverse auction is quite substantial and it can begin immediately. Electricity rates are currently near historic lows, so now is the time to lock in your savings. Call us today to find out how much money your business could be saving. A quick phone call could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain the pros and cons of each provider, not to mention finding us incredible rates to choose from. On behalf of our entire congregation, I thank you.