Advertising Disclosure

Vaultelectricity.com began in 2009.  After the financial crisis of 2008, many Texan families and businesses were struggling.

  Our goal was simple; to educate homeowners, renters, and business owners on how to reduce their electricity bills and hang on to their hard-earned money when they needed it most.

We have always started from the standpoint of what makes sense for you, the Texas electricity consumer. To date, we have helped over 100,000 Texans choose an electricity provider and save money in the process.  We do not charge customers for our services including our electricity rate comparison tool.  We have relationships with the leading electricity providers in Texas and we are compensated by them.

We do not list every electricity plan or electricity company in Texas.  This is because, frankly, many plans offered by less reputable electric companies are not as they seem.  And many are downright deceptive. We only work with electric companies and electric plans we would be comfortable recommending to our own families and friends.

In the process, we weed out many problematic companies and plans.

Vault Energy Solutions is an Energy Broker registered with the Texas Public Utilities Commission.

  As a broker, we are only paid when a customer is matched with the electric company of their choice.  Our compensation is paid by the electric company.

  This allows us to build the tools to save you money, make it easier to find the best plan for you, and avoid the pitfalls in the Texas electricity market.  This also creates an incentive to provide the best offerings for the consumer and make sure that they return to us the next time they shop for electricity.