How to Read Your Digital Electric Meter

If you feel like there has been an error in your meter reading you can ask for a reread by your electric company.  However, if the meter is determined to be working properly, you will be charged a fee.  It’s quicker and easier just to double check your reading yourself if you are in doubt.

Your digital electric meter will display several screens in a rotating sequence.  The format of the information displayed will be slightly different depending on the brand of meter.

How to read your CenterPoint electric meter

The code to the far left will tell you what information the screen conveys.

Usage screen (01H)

CenterPoint electric meter 01H

The 01H screen shows you your electricity usage in kWh.  It keeps a running total. In order to see how much electricity you’ve used for a given period, you have to write down the number then read the number a day later (or whatever period you are tracking) then subtract the two numbers to get your total usage.

Demand Measure (03A)

CenterPoint electric meter 03A

This screen is used for commercial meters.  It displays the maximum demand measured in kilovolt amperes (kVa).  Commercial electricity customers are often charged not just on their total usage of electricity but for their peak demand amount also.

Distributed Generation (029)

CenterPoint electric meter 029

If you are set up for net metering for your solar panels or wind turbines, this screen will measure how much surplus electricity you are generating.  This surplus is being feed back to the grid.  Electricity generated on site and feed into the grid is know as distributed generation. Depending on your electricity plan, you may be compensated for your excess power.

Test Screen (888)

CenterPoint electric meter 888

This screen makes sure your meter is working properly.  Notice that every segment is lit up.  If any part of the meter isn’t displaying properly, this screen will make it obvious.

Registration Status (rE9)

CenterPoint electric meter re9

This screen will show if your meter is registered with CenterPoint’s network.  If it isn’t registered with the network, it doesn’t function as a smart meter.

Synchronized status ( SYnc)

CenterPoint electric meter sync

This screen will indicate if your meter is synched with CenterPoint’s network.  If it isn’t synched, there is likely a communication issue with the network.

How to read your Landis GYR Gridstream RF meter

There are four display readouts that rotate automatically.  Only 2 of the screen will be meaningful to you if you want to check your usage on your meter.

Test Screen

Landis GYR GridStream RF Electric Meter test screen

The first screen is a test screen.  It lights up every display element to verify that the display is working properly.

Kilowatts used screen (001)

This screen displays a running total of your kilowatts used.  To see how many kilowatts you’ve used over a given period, you have to make a not of the number at two different points in time then subtract the numbers.

Landis GYR GridStream RF Electric Meter usage screen

Under Texas PUC rules, you have the right to have your meter tested every four years to make sure it is working properly.