No Deposit Options

Option 1:  Try TXU

Some electric companies have lower credit requirements than others. For example, TXU has a lower credit requirement, which means you have a better chance of getting electricity without having to pay a deposit.

Click here to see if TXU will require you to pay a deposit.

Option 2:  Use Payless Prepaid


Cheap No Deposit Electricity

For no deposit electricity call us now at 855-564-1181 or ENROLL ONLINE

Millions of Americans have a less than perfect credit score, and many have a credit score that is low enough for electric companies to require them to make a deposit before receiving service. If you are in this situation, Vault Electricity can connect you with providers that offer no deposit, no credit check electricity, regardless of your credit score and the type of service plan you need.

No Deposit Electricity

In our challenging economic climate, Texans are increasingly finding that their credit scores have dropped due to unforeseen issues on the job front. Consequently, many electric companies are asking for huge upfront deposits to be paid before electricity is activated.

Thankfully, there is a way to get the lights turned on quickly, without having to pay hundreds of dollars in deposit: Our free service presents you with options for choosing electric companies that offer no deposit electricity in Texas. In addition to requiring no deposit, these companies offer you a highly competitive rate in hopes of making you a new customer.