What is the Cheapest Electricity Plan Offered by Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities currently has 2 go-to plans.  Which one you choose depends on how much electricity you typically use.


Frontier Super Value 12

The Frontier Super Value 12 plan is the cheapest Frontier Utilities electricity plan for the 1000 kWh usage level.  In fact, it is currently the cheapest plan offered by any Texas electric company.

Cheapest Frontier Utilities Plan 1000kWh

Note: All rates discussed in this review are current as of the time of writing.  They apply to the Oncor delivery area which includes Houston and surrounding areas.  Texas electricity rates change daily.  To see today’s rates for Frontier Utilities and other electricity providers enter your zip code above.

The Super Value 12 plan is a bill credit plan that is designed for homes that use between 1000 and 2000 kWh of electricity per billing cycle.  The average rate per kWh is 7.5¢ at exactly 1000 kHw if you live in Dallas or any area served by Oncor.

Bill credit plans give you a credit on your electric bill for keeping your usage within a certain range.  For this plan, you will receive a $100 bill credit once you hit 1000 kWh within your billing cycle.  At that point, your total bill drops by $100.  This will reduce your average electricity rate substantially.  However, if your usage exceeds 2000 kWh within the month, the $100 credit goes away.

Electricity Facts Label for Frontier Super Value 12*Use our electricity rate search tool for real-time prices

The energy rate for this plan is 13.0¢ per kWh plus the TDU delivery charge of 4.1543¢ **.  This comes to a total of 17.1543¢ per kWh.  Without the bill credit, this is the rate you would be paying.  If you exceed 2000 kWh, the $100 credit goes away.  In this case, your electricity rate reverts back to 17.1543¢.  That means this plan is not a good deal if you use a lot of electricity.  In that case, you will want to look at another Frontier Utilities plan.

**Note: The 4.1543¢ delivery charge is specific to the Oncor delivery area.  In other parts of the state, this rate will be different.


Frontier Max 12 Plan is the best plan for larger homes

This plan is very similar to the Frontier Super Value 12 plan with a couple of important differences.

  • The bill credit applies to usage levels between 2000 kWh and 2500 kWh.
  • The energy charge is lower at 10.4¢ per kWh (The TDU deliver charge is the same for all plans)

This has the outcome of creating the lowest rate for this plan between 2000 and 2500kWh.  Because the energy rate charge is lower than the Frontier Super Value 12 plan, the expense of exceeding the bill credit range isn’t as great.  Also note below that this plan comes with a slightly higher base monthly charge of $9.95.

Electricity Facts Label for Frontier Max 12