Central Texas Electric Co-op

Central Texas Electric Company Co-op provides electricity to a large portion of the Texas Hill Country.  It is a part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative, which runs many of the electric co-ops in Texas.

Founded in 1947, it has long set a standard for how an electric company should be run.

  They made it through the incredible 2021 ice storm unscathed, which was a rarity among Texas electric companies.  While several electricity providers had to declare bankruptcy immediately following the ice storm, Central Texas EC came out ahead.

  Because of this, they were able to payout a record amount to their members, which showed up as a bill credit on their customer’s electric bill.

Central Texas Electric Co-op provides electricity to the following cities:

Fredericksburg, Texas
Llano, Texas
Luckenbach, Texas
Stonewall, Texas
Harper, Texas
Mason, Texas
Cherokee, Texas
Loyal Valley, Texas
Pontotoc, Texas
Fredonia, Texas
Katemcy, Texas
Valley Spring, Texas
Buchanan Lake Village, Texas
Horseshoe Bay, Texas
Crabapple, Texas
Eckert, Texas
Willow City, Texas
Tivydale, Texas
Morris Ranch, Texas
Cain City, Texas
Grapetown, Texas
Doss, Texas
Albert, Texas
Mountain Home, Texas
Sisterdale, Texas

Central Texas Electric Co-op Contact Information and Phone Number

Central Texas EC
386 Friendship Lane, Fredericksburg, TX 78624