Deaf Smith Electric Co-op

Deaf Smith Electric Co-op is a small member-owned electricity distribution company in West Texas.  They have quite a unique customer base, in that they have a much smaller than usual number of residential accounts in relation to the number of commercial and industrial accounts.  A standard ratio of residential to commercial/industrial is usually in the 9:1 ballpark, but Deaf Smith EC comes in at less than 2:1.  The reason for this is location.  Deaf Smith EC provides electricity to 4 very sparsely-populated counties in the Texas Panhandle.  In fact, there are more cattle than people in their coverage area.

Deaf Smith EC does not generate the electricity it provides.  Instead, it purchases wholesale electricity and then marks it up for resell to its members.  Because of this, the electricity rates they offer are higher than most other electric companies.

This electric company offers net metering to customers, which is a win-win situation for both the company and anyone who gets their electricity from them. This makes private solar panel installation even more appealing as it allows consumers to sell any unused energy they produce back into the grid at full retail rates without having an extra cost on top of what’s already built in.

Deaf Smith Electric Co-op Ratings and Reviews:

Facebook Review:  4.6
Google Review:  5.0 (1 review)

Deaf Smith Electric Co-op provides electricity to the following counties:

Deaf Smith County
Parmer County
Castro County
Oldham County

Deaf Smith Electric Co-op Contact Information and Phone Number:

Deaf Smith EC
1501 East First St.
Hereford, TX 79045

(806) 364-1166