East Texas Electric Cooperative

East Texas Electric cooperative (ETEC) was formed in 1987 by merging 10 East Texas electricity co-ops.  This Texas electric company doesn’t sell power directly to end users, such as households and local businesses.  Instead, they generate and purchase the electricity, then they sell it to their 8 members.  Seven of those members are distribution co-ops, and the eighth member is a generation and transmission co-op.

While most Texas electric cooperatives are strictly power distribution companies, ETEC is a generation and distribution electric company.  In addition to their coal and gas power plants, ETEC has a hydroelectric plant and a wood-fired biomass plant.  They also have long-term power purchase agreements with several wind farms.

In early 2021, ETEC completed the Lake Livingston hydroelectric project.  This electricity-generating dam produces enough electricity to power 12,000 East Texas homes.

East Texas EC provides electricity to 8 Texas electricity co-ops:

East Texas Electric Co-op Contact Information and Phone Number:

East Texas EC

2905 Westward Dr.
Nacogdoches, TX 75961

(936) 560-9532