Fannin County Electric Cooperative

Fannin County Electric Cooperative is based in Bonham, Texas and distributes electricity to rural areas in North Texas.  They do not generate the electricity they distribute.  Instead, this electric co-op buys electricity on the open market, then resells it to their customers with a markup included in their electricity rate.  Because of this business model, customers of Fannin County EC pay a higher electricity rate than most Texas electricity consumers.

For those interested in installing solar panels on their roof, Fannin County EC does offer net metering, which means the customers can sell their unused electricity back into the grid. This will be a great opportunity for consumers considering installing private solar panels as it offers them an extra source of income.

Like many Texas electric co-ops, Fannin County EC is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative group.

Fannin County EC Ratings and Reviews:

Google Rating:  1.5 Stars
Yelp Rating:  1 Star

Fannin County Electric Cooperative supplies electricity to the following counties:

  • Fannin County
  • Grayson County
  • Hunt County
  • Lamar County
  • Collin County

Fannin County Electric Cooperative distributes electricity to these Texas cities:

  • Randolph, Texas
  • Monkstown, Texas
  • Lake Crockett, Texas
  • Telephone, Texas
  • Dotson, Texas
  • Bettis, Texas
  • Finley, Texas
  • Sowells Bluff, Texas
  • Mulberry, Texas
  • Rogers, Texas
  • Edhube, Texas

Fannin County Electric Co-op Contact Information and Phone Number:

Fannin County EC
1530 Silo Road
Bonham, TX 75418

(903) 583-2117