Fayette Electric Cooperative

Fayette Electric Cooperative distributes electricity to rural counties in North Texas. They currently have 10,000 customers, most of which do not live in an incorporated town.  This electric company is a distributer of power, not an electricity producer.  This means they purchase the power on the open market, then sell it to their customers with a markup on the electricity rate.

Fayette EC has three goals: to provide great service at an affordable price, keep stable relationships with their customers by focusing on long term stability, and delivering value for all members of the co-op.  As a customer of Fayette EC, you are a member.

Customers of Fayette EC have access to SmartHub.  SmartHub is an innovative mobile and web application that allows you to view your account information, monitor the usage of electricity in real time on a secure environment. You can also make payments for all these services with ease right from wherever it’s convenient.  The best thing about Smart Hub? It works seamlessly across devices, so no matter what device or platform you use, you have full access to the powerful application.

Fayette Electric Cooperative is a member of Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

Fayette Electric Cooperative provides electricity to the following counties:

  • Fayette County
  • Bastrop County
  • Lee County
  • Washington County
  • Austin County
  • Colorado County
  • Lavaca County

Fayette Electric Cooperative Contact Information and Phone Number:

Fayette EC
357 N. Washington St.
La Grange, TX 78945
(979) 968-3181

Hours of Operation:

Monday:  8AM-5PM
Tuesday:   8AM-5PM
Wednesday:  8AM-5PM
Thursday:  8AM-5PM
Friday:  8AM-5PM
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday:  Closed