Golden Spread Electric Cooperative

Amarillo-based Golden Spread Electric Cooperative is an electricity-generating electric co-op, delivering power to its 16 member cooperatives.  Fifteen of the members are located within Texas, but there is one (Guymon Electric Cooperative) that stretches from North Texas, across the Oklahoma panhandle, and into Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico.  Geographically speaking, this co-op generates and distributes electricity to 23% of Texas.

Half of GSEC’s end customers are residential accounts.  Even so, 50% of the electricity generated by Golden Spread is used by commercial and industrial clients, and 30% goes to irrigation and 20% to residential users.

Golden Spread Electric Co-op has four power plants:

  • Antelope Station
  • Elk Station
  • Mustang Station
  • Panhandle Wind Ranch

Antelope Station

This is a natural gas-fired power plant located near Abernathy, Texas.  It can produce 165 megawatts of electricity.  It’s main clam to fame is that it uses less than 3 gallons of water a day.

Elk Station

This natural gas power plant is also located near Abernathy, Texas, but it can generate 606 megawatts of electricity.  The electricity it creates can me added to ERCOT’s electricity grid as well as the Southwest Power Pool grid.

Mustang Station

Situated near Denver City, Texas, this natural gas power plant produces a staggering 940 megawatts of electricity.  Natural gas is supplied by 3 pipeline companies:  El Paso Natural Gas, Northern Natural Gas, and One Oak.

Panhandle Wind Ranch

This electricity-generating facility is located near Wildorado, Texas.  It consists of 34 wind turbines, each of which has a blade sweep area that is longer than a football field. This location produces 78 megawatts of electricity.

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative provides electricity to the following co-ops:

  • Bailey County
  • Big Country
  • Coleman County
  • Concho Valley
  • Deaf Smith
  • Greenbelt
  • Lamb County
  • Lighthouse
  • Lyntegar
  • North Plains
  • Rita Blanca
  • South Plains
  • Southwest Texas
  • Swisher
  • Taylor
  • TCEC

Golden Spread Electric Contact Information and Phone Number:

Golden Spread EC
905 S. Fillmore, Ste. 300
Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 379-7766