Greenbelt Electric Cooperative

Greenbelt Electric Cooperative distributes electricity to 7 West Texas counties.  With only 5,500 customers, GEC is one of the smaller electric co-ops in Texas.  They do not generate any of the electrify they provide, as is the case with most Texas electric company cooperatives.  Due to its small customer base, its location and the fact that they resell electricity, their customers pay a higher electricity rate than most other consumers in the state.

Greenbelt Electric has become very adept at setting up and electricity for drillers of oil and natural gas.  Currently, 15% of their accounts are meters that service drilling platforms and pipelines.  GEC has over 90 oil and gas customers, and they pride themselves on providing the high loads of electricity needed for that industry.

Greenbelt Electric Co-op is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative, so they do benefit in the collective bargaining that the larger group is able to put forward.

Greenbelt Electric Cooperative provides electricity to the following counties:

  • Armstrong County
  • Childress County
  • Collingsworth County
  • Donley County
  • Gray County
  • Randall County
  • Wheeler County

Greenbelt EC Board of Directors:

  • District 1: James W. Batton, president
  • District 2: Carson Bird
  • District 3: Michael Souder
  • District 4: Billy Conner, vice president
  • District 5: Steve Mathews
  • District 6: Stan Shelton, secretary/treasurer
  • District 7: Jimmie Taylor

Contact Information and Phone Number for Greenbelt Electric Co-op:

Greenbelt EC
706 10th St.
Wellington, TX 79095
(806) 447-2536