Harmon Electric Association

Harmon Electric Association is based in Oklahoma, but distributes electricity in two Texas counties: Hardeman County and Childress County.  The majority of their 3,000 meters are located in Oklahoma.  Founded in 1938, this small electric company began by distributing power it purchased from the City of Mangum.

Harmon Electric Association is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative.  This national group of electric cooperatives serves 15 million customers across the nation.  As a member of Touchstone, Harmon Electric is able to offer its customers access to SmartHub.SmartHub is an innovative mobile and web application that allows you to view your account information, monitor the usage of electricity in real time on a secure environment. You can also make payments for all these services with ease right from wherever it’s convenient.  The best thing about Smart Hub? It works seamlessly across devices so no matter what device or platform they use-people will always have access when needed most.

Harmon Electric Association provides electricity to the following counties:

  • Harmon County, OK
  • Greer County, OK
  • Jackson County, OK
  • Kiowa County, OK
  • Beckham County, OK
  • Hardeman County, TX
  • Childress County, TX

Current Directors of Harmon Electric Association:

  • Burk Bullington, President
  • Jean Pence, Vice President
  • Jim Reeves, Secretary-Treasurer
  • P. “Pete” Lassiter, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  • Lee Sparkman, Trustee
  • James R. Conley, Trustee
  • Braden Cunningham, Trustee

Contact information and phone number for Harmon Electric Association:

Harmon EA
114 N. First St.
Hollis, OK 73550
(580) 688-3342