Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative (HOTEC) was formed in 2007 when McLennan County Electric Cooperative merged with Belfalls Electric Cooperative merged.  Both of those original co-ops were founded in 1937, so that is the year that HOTEC touts as their date of incorporation.

Heart of Texas EC has 17,000 electricity customers using a total of 23,500 meters.  They operate almost 4000 miles of power lines which supplies electricity to the rural areas of 7 Texas counties.

Up until recently, HOTEC had been purchasing 100% of their electricity from Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, the largest electricity generation co-op in Texas. In December of 2021 that changed slightly when HOTEC’s 1-megawatt solar farm came on line.  This solar array can only power 150 homes, which is less than 1% of HOTEC’s customer base, but they now can say they are a “green” electricity company.  Lone Star Solar built and maintains the solar farm, but HOTEC owns the land and has agreed to buy the electricity it generates for the next 20 years.

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative.  This is a nationwide group of 750 electric co-ops that boasts over 30 million end-use customers.

Heart of Texas Electric Co-op Ratings and Reviews:

Google Rating:  2.6 Stars
Facebook Rating:  4.3 Stars
Yelp Rating: 1 Star

Current Directors of Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative:

  • District 1: Garland Cook
  • District 2: Paul Edge
  • District 3: Kenneth Hollas
  • District 4: Bobby Nawara
  • District 5: Allen Shows
  • District 6: Damon Boniface
  • District 7: Kermit Dreyer
  • District 8: Larry Stock
  • District 9: Dan Foster

Heart of Texas Electric Co-op supplies electricity to the following counties:

  • Bell County
  • Bosque County
  • Coryell County
  • Falls County
  • Hamilton County
  • McLennan County
  • Milam County

Contact information for HOTEC:

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative
1111 S. Johnson Drive
McGregor, TX 76657