Jackson Electric Cooperative

Jackson Electric Cooperative provides electricity to rural energy consumers in five counties along the Gulf Coast of Texas, between Houston and Corpus Christi.  They own and maintain 16,500 connected meters, 9,800 members and 2,300 miles of power line.  Jackson Electric has divide up their territory into 11 districts, each with its own director.

Jackson Electric does not have any electricity-generation capabilities of its own.  They purchase 100% of their electricity from South Texas Electric Cooperative.  They then turn around and resell this wholesale electricity to their customers with an added charge tacked on.  While this may sound like an expensive way for electric company to do business, it is the standard business model for most electric co-ops.

Jackson Electric Co-op is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative group.  This membership gives them a collective voice in national electricity discussions, as well as assistance with local advertising.  Touchstone has 750 members across 45 states.

In addition to being an electricity provider, Jackson Electric Cooperative also offers high speed internet, propane fuel and emergency backup propane generators.  This expanded offerings helps their bottom line, and increases the chance of dividend distributions to their members.

Ratings for Jackson Electric Cooperative:

Google Rating:  4.6 Stars
Yelp Rating:  5 Star, 1 review

Jackson Electric Co-op provides electricity to these Texas counties:

  • Jackson County
  • Matagorda County
  • Lavaca County
  • Brazoria County
  • Calhoun County

Jackson Electric Cooperative Board of Directors:

  • District 1: James G. Hoffmeister
  • District 2: Herff Cornelius
  • District 3: Michael Jacobs
  • District 4: William C. Hansen
  • District 5: Bruce Elliot
  • District 6: Anthony Smith
  • District 7: Laval Simons
  • District 8: Doug Tise
  • District 9: Tom Hudgins
  • District 10: James Roach
  • District 11: Patrick Stuart
  • General Manager: Jim Coleman

Contact Information and Phone Number:

Jackson Electric Cooperative
8925 Hwy. 111 S.
Ganado, TX 77962
(361) 771-4400