Hillsboro Electricity Providers and Rates

Hillsboro electricity providers are competing to be your light company.  Electric choice is just one of the many great things about living in Texas.   In Hillsboro, you can compare electric providers to find the best deal.  However, this is not always as easy as it may seem.

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The Vault electricity rate comparison tool puts all the information you need to find the cheapest electricity rate in one place.  Just enter your zip code and we will present you with the list of electric companies, rates and plans available for Hillsboro.  You can compare electric rates and plan features to find the plan that works best for you.

Enrollment is quick and easy.  For each plan you have the option to either enroll online or via phone.

Featured Electricity Rates In Hillsboro, Texas

Compare the cheapest Hillsboro electricity providers and rates

Should I Really Compare the Cheapest Electricity Rates?

The most important thing to most people is the electricity rate they pay.  Electricity rates in Hillsboro, TX can run a wide range of prices depending on who you have as your electric company.  From this standpoint, there is an important distinction between electricity providers.

Top Hillsboro Electricity Rates From Each Provider

Electric CompanyPlan NameElectricity Rate
BKV energyThe Lantana 1514.2¢/kWh
Frontier UtilitiesFrontier Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 2411.3¢/kWh
Cirro EnergySmart Simple 1215.6¢/kWh
TrieagleSure Value 3612.9¢/kWh
Direct EnergyAutopay Texas 1216.3¢/kWh
Green Mountain EnergyPollution Free e-Plus17.4¢/kWh
TXUClear Deal 1213.9¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 1211.1¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Lite 1219.1¢/kWh
Express EnergyFlash 2411.3¢/kWh
Veteran EnergyVeteran Energy Valor 3612.8¢/kWh
ReliantReliant Power On 1219.9¢/kWh
Payless PowerRate Lock 1218.3¢/kWh
Rates Updated March 10, 2024
For a more detailed realtime rate comparison enter your zip code at the top of the page.  Our rate comparison tool lets you see all providers and rates. You can filter by term length, usage level, green energy plans, no deposit plans and get you them most up to date pricing.  The rates listed above are for  the 1,000 kWh usage level. More Information on any of these plans >>>

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When it comes to how you receive your electricity and how reliable your service is service, however, there is no difference from one provider to the next.  Many people may be unaware that the same utility company is responsible for delivering electricity to everyone in Hillsboro regardless of the electricity provider they select.  You will not notice the difference between one electric provider and the next until your bill arrives.

There are a handful of differences other than price between electricity providers.   Some have higher credit requirements for example.  Some offer prepaid service while others are exclusively postpaid which is the more traditional model where you pay your bill after receiving your electricity.

Prepaid electricity works a little like a prepaid cell plan or debit card.  You pay for your power beforehand.  The cost of any power you use is deducted from your existing balance.

Most providers offer paperless billing and autopay options.  Most of them prefer to do as much as possible online.  This helps keep their costs down and allows them to offer lower rates.

Why Are the Electricity Plans so Cheap in Hillsboro?

Most electricity shoppers assume that the electricity rate on a plan is used to calculate your electricity bill.  In fact, it’s really the other way around.  For most electricity plans, you don’t know your actual electricity rate until after your bill is calculated.  This concept creates a lot of confusion and sometimes frustration amount electricity consumers in Hillsboro

Electric companies in Hillsboro, TX advertise electricity rates for each plan they sell based on three hypothetical monthly usage levels expressed in terms of kWhs.  They are 500 kWh, 1000 kWhs, and 2000 kWh.  This means that even within the same plan there are three different published rates.  And if you don’t use exactly one of those three amounts of electricity in a billing cycle (and you wont), your electricity rate will be different than any of these three posted rates.  They are, at best, an estimate of what you can expect to pay for electricity with a particular plan.

To understand how this happens you must consider how Hillsboro electricity rates are calculated.

This is a real life example of a recent Hillsboro electricity plan.  It’s not unlike most Texas electricity plans.

–              TDU Delivery Charge = $5.47 per month
–              TDU Delivery Charge = $0.040716 per kWh
–              Energy Charge = $0.0486 per kWh
–              Monthly Service Fee = $9.95 per month (per billing cycle for usage less than 1000 kWh)

There are four different fees that will make up your final electric bill.  The first TDU Delivery Charge is a flat monthly fee that isn’t dependent on how much power you use.   The Monthly Service Fee is waived if your usage over a billing cycle exceeds 999 kWhs.  These two fees will change your effective electricity rate depending on how much power you use because they aren’t dependent on the amount of electricity used in the plan.

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The monthly service fee that disappears at 1000 kWhs causes the rate to drop by a penny at exactly the 1000 kWh level.   Not coincidentally, this is one of the benchmark rates that are used to compare electricity rates among providers.

What You Need to Know About Hillsboro, Texas

Hillsboro is the county seat of Hill County; last checked it has a population of 8,400 (give or take) and that means it ranks 257th in the state. It is a central component of commercial activity in the county, leading to a majority share of trade activity in the area. It is in the central-eastern part of the state and is somewhat close to Waco (32 miles), Arlington (48 miles) and Dallas (58 miles).

The demographics for the city show that there is almost an equal amount of Caucasian individuals as there is Hispanic. And historically, the city of Hillsboro was named for Hill County and has been noted as a Bonnie and Clyde stopping point while they were on the run. For things to see in the city, Hillsboro is well-known for its beautiful Victorian homes and its historic courthouse which had to be restored after being subjected to a devastating electrical fire in the 1950’s. And also, Wes Anderson filmed his first film Bottle Rocket in Hillsboro.

About 15% of 25+ aged citizens have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. And even more so have earned an associates degree. The most common 2-year degrees are in General Studies, Nursing, and Business Administration.

Find the Best Electricity Plans for Hillsboro Apartments

Obviously, apartments tend to use less electricity than homes do.  Electricity rates for each energy plan in Hillsboro will be different depending on how much electricity you use each billing cycle.  Make sure when you are shopping for apartment electricity you are comparing plans based on the 500 kWh rates.  Plans that have attractive rates for 1000 or 2000 kWhs may have expensive rates if you only use 500 kWh.  That’s why it’s so important that you select ‘Apartment’ for your home size when comparing plans on Vault Electricity.

The Hillsboro Electric Company is Oncor

TXU/Oncor Contact Information:
For power outages in Hillsboro Texas, please call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747. To have underground lines located prior to digging in Hillsboro Texas, call 1-800-344-8377. To view Hillsboro Texas outage maps, click here.

Smart Meter Information: 
For information on the smart meter program in Hillsboro Texas, click here.

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