Kaufman Electricity Providers and Rates

Here is what you need to know about choosing an electricity company in Kaufman.  If you aren’t comparing multiple electric providers, you are almost certainly overpaying for power. Here you will find the largest and most respected names in Texas electricity.  Each provider’s plans are listed in one place for you to easily compare and choose the right plan for you.

If you are moving to Kaufman don’t make the mistake of just choosing a name you are familiar with.  Electric companies in Kaufman tend to take turns at the top of our list for the lowest electricity rates.  That brand name you are familiar with probably doesn’t have the best rates.

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If you are shopping to switch to a cheaper electricity provider, you are making the smart choice.  You are going to save money on your electricity bill.  Switching electricity providers is quick, easy and seamless to you.  Your new electricity provider will take care of the details of the switch.  They will contact your current provider for you.  There will be no interruption in your service.

The only difference you will notice will be a different name on your light bill and, of course, a cheaper electricity rate.

Top Kaufman Electricity Rates From Each Provider

Electric CompanyPlan NameElectricity Rate
BKV energyThe Lantana 1514.2¢/kWh
Frontier UtilitiesFrontier Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 2411.3¢/kWh
Cirro EnergySmart Simple 1215.6¢/kWh
TrieagleSure Value 3612.9¢/kWh
Direct EnergyAutopay Texas 1216.3¢/kWh
Green Mountain EnergyPollution Free e-Plus17.4¢/kWh
TXUClear Deal 1213.9¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 1211.1¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Lite 1219.1¢/kWh
Express EnergyFlash 2411.3¢/kWh
Veteran EnergyVeteran Energy Valor 3612.8¢/kWh
ReliantReliant Power On 1219.9¢/kWh
Payless PowerRate Lock 1218.3¢/kWh
Rates Updated March 10, 2024
For a more detailed realtime rate comparison enter your zip code at the top of the page.  Our rate comparison tool lets you see all providers and rates. You can filter by term length, usage level, green energy plans, no deposit plans and get you them most up to date pricing.  The rates listed above are for  the 1,000 kWh usage level. More Information on any of these plans >>>

Featured Electricity Rates In Kaufman, Texas

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Sources of Kaufman Electricity

In decades past coal was the main source for generating power sold by Texas electricity providers.  Today less than a quarter of the electricity consumed in Kaufman and elsewhere in Texas is sourced from coal burning power plants.  Regulations along with environmental concerns and cheaper alternatives have steadily decreased the use of coal as a source for generating electricity in Texas.

Natural gas now produces over half of all the power Kaufman electric companies sell.  Natural gas is abundant and close to home.   Texas is the largest producer of natural gas in the United States.  Almost every new fuel burning power plant built in Texas over the past couple of decades has been natural gas fired.  The inexpensive nature of natural gas has helped keep electricity prices down for the state of Texas over the past decade.

Wind energy is another significant source of the electricity that powers Kaufman.  Wind has now passed coal as the second largest single source of Texas electricity.  Technology and economies of scale have steadily reduced the cost of wind generated electricity. It is now much more competitive on price with more traditional power sources.  Especially if you factor in the external costs of pollution.

100% green energy plans are now popular in Kaufman and such plans are often as cheap as the traditional alternatives.

Early Termination Fees

When you are comparing the cheapest electricity rates in Kaufman, one thing to consider is the Early Termination Fee (ETF) of the various electricity plans.  It’s true that the fees are rarely charged, but you should take note of the fees as you compare the Kaufman electric plans.

You could potentially be charged an Early Termination Fees if you switch to a different electricity provider before your contract end date has been reached. These fees are usually either a flat fee or a “per month remaining” charge.

For example, some Kaufman electricity plans have a flat fee of $100 or more.  So even if you only had 2 months remaining on your electricity plan date, you could be charged the full amount if you switch away to another electricity provider.

On the flip side of that, if you had an electricity plan with an ETF of $20 per remaining month, you only be charged a total of $40 for leaving 2 months early.

In most cases, the electricity providers do not charge the ETF if you move to a new home before your electricity plan’s end date has come to pass.  They will provide proof of your new residence to waive the fee.  The proof could be an electricity bill for the new address in your name.

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Kaufman is One of the Oldest Cities in North Texas

Kaufman, Texas is the county seat of Kaufman County with a population of 7,300 people in total. This makes it the 288th most populous city in the state. It lies in the northeast corner of Texas close to the major Texas cities of Mesquite (22 miles), Garland (29 miles) and Dallas (32 miles). The city was named after David S. Kaufman, who was an attorney and politician. Originally the name changed from Kingsboro around the year 1852. A couple of notable people from Kaufman are Ted Healy, who discovered The Three Stooges, as well as Stuart Spitzer, who is a member of the Texas House of Representatives. A camp nearby the city was also used as a German POW camp back during WWII.

For educational attainment in the city, about 77% of those over the age of 25 have completed high school. And about 13% of those same people have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Biblical Studies is a common major for those in the Kaufman area because of its close proximity to Southwestern Christian College. Liberal Arts and Sciences is another common major, but mainly for those who only earn Associate’s degrees.

No Deposit Electricity in Kaufman

If you have been asked to pay a deposit for your electricity, there may be other options for you.

Visit our No Deposit Electricity resources page or call 855-564-1181 for a no deposit electricity plan.

Shopping for a Green Energy Plan

When most people search for an electricity provider in Kaufman, price is the only consideration.

But some consumers prefer to pay a little more for ecofriendly alternatives.  Luckily, the price difference between 100% green energy and traditional plans is getting smaller.  Using our electricity rate comparison tool, you can narrow your results to include only 100% green energy plans.

Kaufman, TX Electricity Providers

ProviderPhone Number
Reliant Energy855-632-7028
Cirro Energy844-417-7174
Pennywise Power844-865-2797
TXU Energy877-283-0650
Gexa Energy855-639-8259
Frontier Utilities877 391-1587
Champion Energy Services844 694-2343
Payless Power855-564-1181
Green Mountain Energy844-634-6092
Trieagle Energy844 681-3227
4Change Energy855 550-6662
Bounce Energy866 294-4395
First Choice Power888 980-6898

Calling the Area Utility Company

TXU/Oncor Contact Information:
For power outages in Kaufman Texas, please call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747. To have underground lines located prior to digging in Kaufman Texas, call 1-800-344-8377. To view Kaufman Texas outage maps, click here.

Smart Meter Information: 
For information on the smart meter program in Kaufman Texas, click here.

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