What You Need to Know About TriEagle Energy

With one of the strongest customer retention totals in the industry, TriEagle Energy repeatedly proves how loyal a customer base can be.  Thanks in part to their cheap electric rates and outstanding customer service, TriEagle Energy is able to keep their customers coming back year after year.

TriEagle Energy Phone Number: 844-681-3227

TriEagle also sets itself apart from other electricity providers by offering several energy-saving devices and programs to their customers.  From weekly energy usage reports and critical event notifications, to monthly score cards and thermostat optimization plans, TriEagle can provide you with all the tools you need to keep informed of your electricity usage and help you lower your monthly electric bill.

All of the electricity plans offered by TriEagle Energy have one thing in common: straightforward simplicity. While almost every electric provider in Texas has succumbed to the of use of misleading rate structures for their plans, TriEagle has decided to take the high road and offer flat rate plans with absolutely no gimmicks or misdirection. This keeps their customers from experiencing “surprise” jumps in their bills as monthly usage totals rise and fall depending on the time of year. VaultElectricity wholeheartedly applauds TriEagle for taking that stand.

TriEagle Offers Free Wi-Fi Thermostat with Their SMART Energy Plans

When you sign up for one of TriEagle’s Smart Energy plans, you get more than just a cheap electricity rate.  These plans come with a free wi-fi thermostat that uses real-time weather information to help your HVAC system work efficiently.

The Honeywell thermostat is easy to install, and connecting it to your home’s wi-fi network is a breeze.  Once connected, you can access the Whisperlabs Connected Savings system. Connected Savings uses real-time weather data to optimize your thermostat’s efficiency, while maintaining the temperature setpoints you have established.

You will also receive access to your Energy ScoreCard. This ScoreCard shows how much electricity you are using on a daily basis, and how your usage compares to other homes in your area.

TriEagle Energy Plans

TriEagle’s most popular plans include:

  • Eagle 36
  • Eagle 24
  • Eagle 12
  • Green Eagle 12 – TriEagles’ green energy plan


TriEagle Electricity Rates

TriEagle offers service throughout most of the deregulated area of Texas.

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TriEagle Energy News

TriEagle Energy Is Being Purchased by Vistra Energy

February 7, 2019

Vistra Energy Announced plans to purchase the parent company of TriEagle Energy.  Crius Energy Trust owns several electricity providers, including TriEagle.  TriEagle is the only brand they operate in Texas, as the electricity providers do business in the Midwest and Northeast.

This is breaking news, so details are scarce at the moment.  Vistra Energy is known to let their individual brands have a large amount of autonomy, so customers of TriEagle will more than likely not be affected in any way.

TriEagle Energy Contact Information

TriEagle Customer Care Phone Number: 877-933-2453

Payment Address: P.O. BOX 974655, Dallas, Texas 75397-4655

TX PUC Certification #10064