How Renewable Energy Companies Can Lower Your Monthly Business’ Electric Bill

Are you a business owner that wants to go green and save money? It’s easier than ever now that Texas features Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). Thanks to these new standards, electric companies are required to increase their use of renewable energy. There’s no getting around the fact that your business needs commercial electricity. It used to be that business owners had no choice in providers. These days, small, medium and large-sized companies can opt for a provider that aligns more closely with their philosophy.

When you think of how Texas acquired its fortunes, oil and natural gas come to mind. Today, the Lone Star State has become a leader in developing renewable energy. Wind power has been particularly useful for our state. It makes sense — after all, anyone that has ever lived or visited Texas knows that we have some of the windiest areas in the U.S. The good is that technology can convert wind power into commercial electricity.

There is a growing desire to use renewable energy in Texas. The cost of wind and solar power is falling at a steady pace, which allows clean energy companies to offer lower prices for businesses. And with an uptick in newer renewable energy production, the time is right for businesses to demand solar and wind power from clean energy companies.

Clean energy companies with cheap commercial electricity rates

Clean, renewable energy companies in Texas are creating competition. And, since most of Texas is a deregulated energy market, the competition for new customers is high. There’s even more good news. By 2025, the average price for power should be 9% lower than today’s rates. With lower natural gas and electricity prices, consumers are reducing their use of energy from coal, oil and natural gas-fired plants. This reduction is resulting in better air quality in Texas — it’s good news for the environment and your bank account.

Top renewable energy companies that offer commercial electricity plans

Using wind and solar to power your business is smart energy. Any company can take advantage of adopting a clean energy plan. You can enjoy cleaner power without having to install a solar power system or a wind turbine on your property. The rise of social media has put more pressure on many companies to think about going green. Companies are adopting sustainability goals, which can save money by lowering their costs on materials, expenditures and energy use.

Companies can choose from the best clean energy providers. TriEagle Energy offers a variety of plans and term lengths. Other top renewable energy companies include Direct Energy, Champion Energy Services and Cirro Energy. The best way to find out which of the top renewable energy companies are best suited for your business is to contact us by phone or by filling out our form. Vault Electricity works with Texas’ best clean energy companies to get you the best rates. We will be glad to help you select a green energy provider in your area, and find the best commercial electricity plan for your situation.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Energy Provider for Your Business

Texas electric companies want your business. If your business resides in a deregulated energy market in Texas, you’ve got an advantage. You can shop and compare energy suppliers and find the best commercial energy rates that can save money. Businesses owners are always looking for ways to control and cut costs, especially when it comes to energy use. After all, for many businesses, commercial electricity accounts for up to 30% of the annual operating budget.

It can take some time to contact all the commercial electricity companies and compare their options. Vault Electricity can help you get the best rate on electricity from the top energy providers in Texas.

What to look for in commercial energy suppliers

Small, medium and large businesses in Texas can shop around for the best commerical energy rates. Knowing how much electricity you use and the time you use it can help you find the right plan. Here are some things to know about the costs that go into your bill. When it comes to your energy supply costs, it will include energy, capacity, ancillary services, losses, transmission, a renewable portfolio standard and taxes. For natural gas, commodity, basis, fuel or losses and taxes are examples that go into the quote of your energy supply costs.

The best commercial energy suppliers offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Thanks to deregulation, you can shop around. Compare basic energy plans with contracts that are typically 12-60 months, from fixed to tiered and index price rates. Choose from traditional energy plans to 100% renewable energy plans generated by wind and solar. You may be able to find energy providers that tailor their plans to your industry.

You can lock in a fixed price, so you pay the same constant amount per unit no matter what happens in the market. Choosing a fixed rate is ideal for providing a level of budget certainty. The drawback is that when the energy prices drop, you may miss out on potential savings.

Another option you have is to choose an index price rate, which changes regularly based on how the market is doing. While you may be able to get lower rates, there is a higher risk due to potential price increases in the market.

Compare commercial electricity rates

Did you know that our commercial electricity customers can save an average of 47% on their electricity costs? If your business has less than 5 meters or if your electricity bill is less than $5,000 per month, your business is considered small or medium-sized. You can start saving quickly because small and medium business can shop for electricity themselves. In fact, once you sign a contract, service can begin within 2-3 business days. Plus, if your business has a good credit history, you may not have to put down a deposit.

If your monthly utility bill is more than $5,000 per month, you have a large business. A large company can choose to have Vault Electricity do all the work. We work with dozens of the top energy suppliers in Texas and get you custom quotes. We only work with reputable companies so that you can rest assured that you’re receiving a commercial electricity plan that’s ideal for your business. Plus, with so many energy suppliers in Texas, you’ll be glad to know that we only work with companies that ensure your commercial electricity needs. Our team of experts makes it a smooth process from the get-go.

Let us know what you need, and we’ll do the rest!

Finding the Best Commercial Electric Rates for Your Business

Are you a business owner searching for ways to reduce your commercial electric charges? Thanks to a deregulated energy market in Texas, there are electric companies in Texas that are trying to win your business. As a business owner, you can shop around and find the best commercial electric rates for your business, no matter what size it is.

At Vault Electricity, we help business owners choose from Texas’ top electric companies. We work with dozens of reputable commercial electric companies, and help you secure the best energy services plan.

Commercial Electric Rates for Businesses

Business owners in Texas are raving about saving on their monthly electricity bill. Are you not seeing any significant savings on your energy bill? Perhaps it’s time to switch electrical companies. Commercial electric plans vary, so exploring your options is a great way to maximize your savings. You’ll find a wide array of electrical companies fit for small to medium and large-sized businesses. Do you own an eco-friendly business? If so, you may want to take advantage of a green energy plan that sources its power from renewable energy sources such as solar technology and wind energy. If you prefer to choose a traditional energy program, you can lock in a low electricity rate that can help you manage your budget. Business owners can also find a plan with a variable rate based on how the energy market is performing. This can be an advantage if the prices are low. The disadvantage of a variable rate is that rates can fluctuate at the drop of a dime.

With some careful adjustments to your electrical usage habits, you can keep your electrical costs low.

Commercial Electricity Rates – Energy Services

Vault Electricity can help you find ways to lower your bill. Getting started is easy. Fill out our form and tell us what you need. There are some things you’ll need to know, such as your current provider, the number of locations you have and your estimated monthly average bill. One of the best ways to determine your baseline energy use is with an energy audit. So, take advantage of an energy audit and find out about more ways to reduce energy use.

Vault Electricity receives multiple customized rate quotes through our blind reverse auction process. We can help you explore the energy services available so that you can have better control over your electricity and natural gas costs. After all, you have a business to run! We help your business with the bottom line, saving money so that you can make money.

Do you have a small, medium or large business? Are you tired of dealing with an electrical company that doesn’t treat you right and overcharges you? Contact Vault Electricity and allow our team of experts to help you secure the best commercial electric service provider in Texas. We only work with reputable electrical companies.

Commercial electric providers know that you can make a switch at any time — it’s your right. So, if your business resides in a deregulated market in Texas and you’re not happy with the service, call us or send us your information today.

Best Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Commercial Electricity Bill

Business owners in Texas are always looking for ways to keep their costs low. Of course, you have to keep the lights on, and you’ll certainly want to use the heating and cooling system so that you leave a comfortable work environment for your employees. Finding ways to lower electric bill costs is always high on the list of things to accomplish. You can ease your monthly electric bill woes practicing some simple techniques. Below are some tips that can help you save money on electric bill charges month after month.

Save money on electric bills

Heating and cooling take up a large chunk of your energy costs. Cutting back on these things doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. After all, you want a happy workplace that stays productive. If you run your HVAC often, you’ll want to be sure to clean the unit every 30 days. Clogged or dirty filters use more energy to push the air through. Keeping your HVAC unit clean keeps the system running much more efficiently.

And remember, you don’t always need to keep the HVAC unit on. If it’s nice and sunny outside in the winter, open up the blinds and let the warmth of the sun in. In the summer, you can close the blinds to keep the sunlight out. If you own the land, consider planting deciduous trees that can block the sun in the summer, and let the heat of the sunlight in during wintertime.

We don’t have to remind you that summertime in Texas is hot. Invest in some fans that keep air circulating, and be sure to keep the door closed. Use ceiling fans and floor fans to circulate the air and keep rooms from getting too stuffy.

No matter what type of business you have, you need to have the power running, whether it’s a computer, monitor, coffee machine, printer or other office essential. Did you know that a large percentage of the energy used by electronic devices happens when they’re not even in use? Yep, even when they’re turned off, they are using power—“phantom power.”

The simple solution to “phantom power” is to plug office devices into a power strip. That way, when the work day is over, just flip the switch to off, and every device is turned off.

Lighting is always a big issue in an office. If your office still has incandescent lighting, it’s time to make the switch to LED light bulbs. LEDs using 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Another easy thing to lower electric bill costs is to remind co-workers to turn off the lights when not in use. Motion sensor lighting for the bathrooms is a good choice, since they will turn off automatically when no one is using the bathroom.

Lower your monthly electric bill

Vault Electricity compares pricing from top energy providers to save you money on your monthly electric bill. We have been able to help our commercial electricity customers reduce their monthly electric bill by an average of 47%. We work hard to get you a customized rate quote. Combine that with the tips we mentioned above, and you’re well on your way to a lower electric bill, no matter what the season may be.