Green Mountain Energy

What You Need to Know About Green Mountain

Green Mountain Energy is a Texas electricity provider that sells 100% renewable energy plans.  It began in 1997 serving California customers.  Once deregulation began in Texas, they quickly began offering green energy plans in Texas.  Today they are the largest green energy focused electric company in Texas.  They are owned by NRG which is also the parent company of Reliant Energy.

Green Mountain’s electricity plans consist of 100% renewable energy.  Primarily, this consists of wind and solar energy.  The state of Texas has more wind capacity than any other state.  Green Mountain puts that clean energy to use providing electricity Texas customers.  Green Mountain offers service to both residential and commercial customers.

Green Mountain Energy Phone Number: 844 634-6092


Green Mountain Energy Plans

Popular plans from Green Mountain include:

These plans are available in Houston, Dallas, and wherever Texans have the Power To Choose


Green Mountain Energy Renewable Electricity Rates

When comparing Green Mountain Energy rates with plans from other providers, you will rarely find that they have the cheapest electricity rates.  This is no surprise given that renewable sources of energy are typically more expensive than fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.  When compared to the green energy plans sold by other providers, however, Green Mountains rates are usually very competitive.

Electricity rates are always changing.  To see how Green Mountain rates compare to other electricity providers, simply enter your zip code above to see a complete and up to date list of rates and plans in your area.

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Green Mountain Awards

They have won multiple awards from JD Power & Associates including the “Highest Customer Satisfaction for Retail Electric Providers in Texas” award in 2014.  They won similar awards in years prior.

In 2012 Green Mountain was awarded the Dell Industry Leadership award for positive environmental impact.

In 2013, Green Mountain recognized vaultelectricity.com as valuable partner.  Vaultelectricity.com clients who chose Green Mountain Energy helped avoid over 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide omissions in 2012.  In total, Green Mountain energy customers have avoided billions of pounds of CO2 buy choosing clean energy.


Green Mountain Sun Club

Green Mountain Sun Club is GME’s non-profit arm.  It provides grants to communities and organizations for projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  In 2018 they provided $400,000 to the Downtown Library in Arlington Texas for a variety of sustainability features.


Contact Information for Green Mountain Energy

Customer Service (existing customers): 866-785-4668

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm | Sat 9am-5pm CT

Pay by Mail: P.O. Box 660305 Dallas, TX 75266-0305

Other payment options: Online pay, Auto pay, Pay by Phone (866-785-4668)