Texas Electricity Providers

If you live in Texas, chances are you have the power to choose your electricity provider.  With so many electric companies, it can be very difficult finding the right provider and the right plan.  Luckily, Vaultelectricity.com is here to help you compare rates and find the plan that works for you.  We have helped over 1,000,000 Texans shop for electricity since 2009.

How do I choose the right electricity provider for me?

When all the clever marketing  and gimmicks are stripped away, the choice of a provider really comes down to one thing – Who has the cheapest electricity rates?

Electricity rates in Texas change constantly.  One week Reliant Energy may have the cheapest electricity rate in Houston.  At the same time, TXU may have the cheapest electricity rates in Dallas.  But if you check back the next week a completely different company may have the best rates.

Here at vaultelectricity.com, we constantly monitor electricity rates and plans from Texas electricity providers and list them all for you in one convenient place.  We also screen for and remove any plans that are made to look cheap while really being loaded with hidden fees or price hikes.

Credit Checks and Deposits

For most electricity providers in Texas, the enrollment process includes a credit check.  These are “soft credit checks”.  Soft credit checks won’t effect your credit but they are used by providers to determine whether or not you will be asked to pay a deposit.  Vaultelectricity.com does have a no credit check electricity option for you if this is a concern.

Green Energy

The majority of electricity in Texas comes from natural gas or coal power plants.  However, Texas is among the largest generators of wind energy in the world.  Any electricity plan you choose is going to get at least a portion of its electricity from renewable energy sources.  Many electric companies offer green energy plans that get 100% of their power from either wind or solar power.

Some electricity providers sell green energy plans exclusively.  If green energy is a priority for you, you can use our green energy filter to compare electricity rates for only green energy plans.

Customer Service and Billing

Customer service is another area where electricity providers try to distinguish themselves from other providers.

Reliability of Service

This is an area where all electricity providers in Texas are equal.  That’s because the provider on your bill is not the company that is responsible for actual delivery of your electricity and responding to outages.  Keeping the lines operational and the electricity flowing is the responsibility of just a handful of companies called TDU’s (Transmission Distribution Utilities).  If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area the power lines are maintained by Oncor.  If the power goes out, it’s them you will call.  Regardless of the electricity provider you choose, there will be pass through fees on your bill associated with the TDU in your area.  These fees will be the same for all providers.


List of Texas Electricity Providers

Reliant Energy Reliant Energy
Cirro Energy Cirro Energy
Pennywise Power Pennywise Power
TXU TXU Energy
Gexa Energy Gexa Energy
Frontier Utilities Frontier Utilities
Champion Energy
Payless Power Payless Power
Green Mountain Energy
Trieagle Energy
4change 4Change Energy
Bounce Energy Bounce Energy
First Choice Power First Choice Power