Texas Electricity Providers

If you live in Texas, chances are you have the power to choose your electricity provider.  With so many electric companies, it can be very difficult finding the right provider and the right plan.  Luckily, VaultElectricity.com is here to help you compare rates and find the plan from the light company that works for you.  We have helped over 1,000,000 Texans shop for electricity since 2009.

Compare The Cheapest Electricity Rates In Your Area
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How Do I Choose the Best Electricity Provider for Me?

When all the clever marketing and gimmicks are stripped away, the choice of a provider really comes down to one thing – Who has the cheapest electricity rates?

Electricity rates in Texas change constantly.  One week Reliant Energy may have the cheapest electricity rate in Houston.  At the same time, TXU may have the cheapest electricity rates in Dallas.  But if you check back the next week a completely different company may have the best rates.

Here at vaultelectricity.com, we constantly monitor electricity rates and plans from Texas electric companies and list them all for you in one convenient place.  We also screen for and remove any plans that are made to look cheap while really being loaded with hidden fees or price hikes.


My Electricity Provider Was Just Purchased by Another Electric Company.  Should I Be Worried?

There is a great deal of consolidation going on between electricity providers right now, and we anticipate it will continue for the next 6 months.  If you happen to be with an electric company that is being bought, there is no need to worry.  Your electricity rate should not change, and there should be no extra fees popping up as long as your contract is still active.

That being said, once your contract expires, anything and everything can change.  It’s possible that the new provider could charge you every time you call them, or they may charge you for paying by check.  There are many fees that could come into play from the new electric company.  Fortunately, you have the ability to switch to a new provider once your contract is up.


How Do the Texas Electricity Providers Differentiate Themselves from Each Other?

1.  Most Texas Electricity Providers Run Credit Checks

For most electricity providers in Texas, the enrollment process includes a credit check.  These are “soft credit checks”.  Soft credit checks won’t effect your credit but they are used by providers to determine whether or not you will be asked to pay a deposit.  Vaultelectricity.com does have a no credit check electricity option for you if this is a concern.

2. The Electricity Providers May Ask for a Deposit

When an electricity provider runs a credit check and finds that your credit status is lower than their credit requirement threshold, they will ask you to pay a deposit before they will turn on the lights for you.  If they do ask for a deposit and it is larger than you wan to pay, you can look at the no deposit electricity options.

3.  There Are Many Renewable Energy “Green” Electricity Providers in Texas

The majority of electricity in Texas comes from natural gas or coal power plants.  However, Texas is among the largest generators of wind energy in the world.  Any electricity plan you choose is going to get at least a portion of its electricity from renewable energy sources.  Many electric companies offer green energy plans that get 100% of their power from either wind or solar power.

Some electricity providers sell green energy plans exclusively.  If green energy is a priority for you, you can use our green energy filter to compare electricity rates for only green energy plans.

4.  Each Electricity Provider has a Customer Service and Billing Department

Customer service is another area where electricity providers try to distinguish themselves from other providers.  Some electric companies are very good at handling customer issues and complaints, while others are known for turning a deaf ear on things they don’t want to hear.  Fortunately, most Texas electricity providers rate highly in customer satisfaction.

5.  The Reliability of Service Is Not Dependent on Which Electricity Provider You Have

This is an area where all electricity providers in Texas are equal.  That’s because the provider on your bill is not the company that is responsible for actual delivery of your electricity and responding to outages.  Keeping the lines operational and the electricity flowing is the responsibility of just a handful of companies called TDU’s (Transmission & Distribution Utilities).  If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area the power lines are maintained by Oncor.  If the power goes out, it’s them you will call.  Regardless of the electricity provider you choose, there will be pass through fees on your bill associated with the TDU in your area.  These fees will be the same for all providers.


List of Texas Electricity Providers

4Change Energy

Electric Company - 4Change4Change Energy has been a Texas electricity provider for over 10 years. From the start, they made a positive name for themselves by being the “electric company with a heart.”  4% of their profits goes to charity, and they let their customers choose which charity they want to help.

In addition to donating proceeds to charity, 4Change has been a consistent winner of customer satisfaction awards and accolades.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty, which is a rarity among Texas electric companies.  We can attest to the fact that 4Change Energy truly wants their customers to be happy with the plan they have chosen.  If an issue does arise, they will eagerly go the extra mile to make things right.


Champion Energy Services

Champion Energy ServicesElectricity Provider - Champion is a longtime Texas electricity provider.  The experienced electric company came on to the Texas scene in 2002, just as the state began to deregulate the electricity marketplace.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, they are the Exclusive Electricity Provider of the Houston Astros.

The electricity company is currently doing business in Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain EnergyElectric Company - Green Mountain has been an active electricity provider in Texas since the very start of deregulation.  The electric company relocated its headquarters to Austin, Texas in 2000 – two full years before Texas deregulated its retail electricity market.

As one of a very few 100% renewable electricity providers in the U.S., GME certainly practices what it preaches.  Their Austin headquarters was the very first office space in the city to be LEED Platinum certified, and they have other offices across the nation that have also been granted the certification.


TriEagle Energy

TriEagle EnergyElectricity Provider - TriEagle has been an electricity provider in Texas for over 10 years.  They are known for their easy to understand electricity plans and high customer retention rates.

It’s not very often an electric company tries to get its customers to use less electricity, but that is what TriEagle is doing.  The energy provider is now offering smart wi-fi thermostats with some of their electric plans, helping their customers save even more on their electric bills.

They have recently begun to push their brand name awareness in their home city of Houston.  TriEagle is now the Official Energy Provider of Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash, as well as the BBVA Compass Stadium and Houston Sports Park.


TXU Energy

TXU EnergyElectric Company - TXU has been an active Texas electricity provider for over 100 years, which truly puts them in a category of their own.  Before the Texas electricity market became deregulated, everyone in the Dallas area had TXU as their electric company.  Because of that, it’s no wonder that TXU continues to be one of the most recognizable names in the marketplace.

To make sure the TXU name keeps its presence, the electric company now sponsors a number of important venues across the state.

In Dallas, they are the Official Energy Provider of the American Airlines Center.  In Arlington, they have become the Official Energy Provider of the Texas Rangers and the Globe Life Park.  They have also partnered with the Houston Zoo to sponsor several events and areas within the park.


Reliant Energy

Reliant EnergyElectricity Provider - Reliant Energy is another retail electricity provider that has history in the Texas electricity marketplace dating back to before the deregulation of 2002 took place.  As TXU was once the sole electric company to Dallas, so was Reliant the only electric company in Houston.

Nowadays, Reliant is a state-wide electricity supplier that competes on a level playing field with all of the other electric companies.  Currently, they are the power company for over one million homes, so they definitely rank as one of the largest in the state.

Reliant does stand taller than other electricity providers in one way: their community involvement.  Each year they volunteer approximately 7,000 hours of community service, and over $4,000,000 dollars to local charities.

Reliant is now the Official Electricity Supplier to the Houston Rockets and the Houston Toyota Center.


Frontier Utilities

Frontier UtilitiesElectric Company - Frontier Utilities has been a retail electric provider in Texas for 10 years, with corporate offices in Dallas and Houston.

Frontier has recently begun issuing electricity plans that use creative usage price points.  While this strategy is gaining broader acceptance among the electric companies in Texas, it does appear that Frontier is taking it a bit further than the other power companies.  Time will tell if this is a new paradigm in the industry, or just a short term fad.

Frontier Utilities is the energy provider for the Sam Houston Race Park.


Gexa Energy

Gexa EnergyElectricity Provider - Gexa has been a retail electricity provider in Texas for more than 15 years.  They offer a wide assortment of electricity plans, including 100% renewable energy plans, tiered and targeted usage plans, as well as flat rate and variable rate electricity plans.

Gexa Energy now has a 60-Day Happiness Guarantee on all of their residential electricity plans.  This grants their customers a one-time switch to a different Gexa electricity plan if they are not happy with the one they signed up for.

The electric company also provides electricity in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Maryland.


Direct Energy

Direct EnergyElectric Company - Direct is a retail electricity provider with its headquarters in Houston, Texas.  The electric company is one of the largest electric providers in North America, with operations in all 50 states and in eight Canadian provinces.

Direct is one of the more growth-oriented electric companies in Texas, constantly looking to try new tactics to increase their market share.  That being said, they rarely use cheap rates as a lure to gain new customers. Instead, they deploy campaigns that offer an ancillary benefit to the customer.

This electric provider is now offering other services Texas, such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing services.  This is a strategy that no other electric company has tried up to this point, so the jury is still out on whether or not it will take hold.


Payless Power

Payless PowerElectricity Provider - Payless Power has become one of the top prepaid electricity providers in Texas.  This Fort Worth based electric company is family-owned and operated, and it shows in how they treat their customers.

This prepaid electric company has worked hard to establish its name as a customer-friendly energy provider.  We can attest to the fact that they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are fully in control of their electricity usage and account balances.

Payless gives their customers cutting edge tools to view their account balances, track their electricity usage, and pay their bills from their phone and computer.   Users can even set up scheduled texts to keep them informed of their usage and balances.


Cirro Energy

Electric Company - Cirro EnergyCirro Energy has been an electricity provider in Texas for over fifteen years.  The electric company was based in Plano up until it was purchased by NRG in 2014.  The parent electric company is based in Houston.

This electric provider has a wide array of plans to choose from.  They offer residential electricity plans with terms from 1 month to 36 months.  You can find variable rate and fixed rate plans.  They also have a $50 bill credit plan that has a term of 12 months.  They offer the option of Average Billing, which takes the big summer surprises on the electric bills out of the equation.

Their website is up to date and very helpful.  You can track your electricity usage and charges via your computer or smart phone.  You can pay electronically or through the mail.  You can also sign up for Auto Pay to avoid forgetting to manually pay a bill.


Bounce Energy

Electricity Provider - Bounce EnergyBounce Energy began doing business as a Texas electricity provider in 2008.  From the start, they have been more innovative than most Texas electric companies.  They have a wide variety of rewards and cash-back offerings that are quite attractive to electricity shoppers.

This electric company has quite a few residential electricity plans to choose from.  They have term lengths from 3 month to 24 months, all of which are fixed rates.  They do offer a Rewards Program for prompt bill payments and longevity of account.

Bounce is a very customer-friendly electric company.  You can communicate with them via phone, email, online chat, or through their Facebook page.  Unlike other electricity providers, they do not charge you when you call them.  You can pay your bills electronically, automatically or with a check.


First Choice Power

Electric Company - First ChoiceFirst Choice Power has been a Texas retail electricity provider for over 15 years.  They were acquired by Direct Energy in 2011.

They offer more plans than most other electricity providers.  You can choose plans with terms ranging from 1 month to 36 months.  They have several renewable energy electricity plans.  FCP also offers a Free Nights plan.

As far as electric companies go, First Choice Power has one of the better online account systems.  You can track your electricity usage and pay bills online.  They offer paperless billing and Automatic payments.


Pennywise Power

Electricity Provider - PennywisePennywise Power was created to be the “wise” choice when shopping for an affordable retail electric provider in Texas.  They are headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Unlike most other Texas electricity providers, Pennywise does not provide commercial electricity.  They stick with what they know: Texas residential electricity plans.

Pennywise tends to have fewer electricity plans than other electric companies.  Currently, they have 3 electricity plans; a month to month, a 12 month and a 24 month plan.  The month to month plan is a variable rate, as are most electricity provider’s M2M plans.  The 12- and 24-month plans are flat rate, which is a welcomed sight in today’s electricity marketplace.

Pennywise will be changing its name to Discount Power early in 2019.


Agera Energy

Electric Company - Agera EnergyAgera Energy is going bankrupt soon. More than likely, Constellation Energy (owned by Exelon) will be acquiring most of Agera’s current clients. Stay tuned for more information.

Agera Energy is a retail electricity provider doing business in a number of states.  In Texas, they offer residential and commercial electricity plans, though they are mainly known for their commercial offerings.

VaultElectricity.com has found that Agera Energy can be a good fit for the right type of commercial account.  When we request custom quotes from electric companies for our commercial electricity clients, Agera often comes back with the best rate and best terms for certain types of businesses.

In addition to being an electric company, Agera is also are a natural gas provider.  In many states, you can choose your natural gas provider just as you can for your electric company.  Agera has a third business which helps businesses lower their overall electricity and gas usage.  By making the commercial enterprise more energy efficient, they help the business lower its overall payouts to natural gas and electricity companies.


Summer Energy

TX Electricity Provider - Summer EnergySummer Energy is a Houston-based retail electricity provider doing business in Texas, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  They offer competitive residential and commercial electricity rates in all three states.

Their residential plans have terms from 1-month to 12-months.  These plans are all straightforward, with no gimmicks or spending cliffs.  You can lock in the fixed energy charge without worrying about using too much or too little electricity in any given month.

Summer Energy’s commercial plans are also straightforward, and are easily understood for apples-to-apples comparisons.  When VaultElectricity.com requests custom quotes for our commercial electricity clients, Summer Energy is definitely in the mix of electric companies we reach out to for our bidding process.

It is our belief that Summer Energy will be purchased by another retail electric provider at some point in 2019.


Discount Power

Electric Company - Discount PowerDiscount Power has been an active Texas retail electricity provider for a number of years.  They have recently been acquired by NRG, the electric company that owns several electricity providers, including Reliant Energy and Pennywise Power.

It’s a bit of a confusing time for the customers of both Discount and Pennywise.  At the moment, Discount Power has ceased to bring on new customers, and their site forwards all visitors to the Pennywise site.  But at some point in early 2019, the brand Discount Power will be taking over the Pennywise customers, as NRG plans to do away with the Pennywise Power brand name.


Tara Energy

electricity provider - tara energyAs a whole, Tara Energy first started serving Texas customers as a retail electricity provider in the year 2002. They are a subsidiary of its parent company Just Energy Group Inc., and they serve almost 2 million total customers in the entire breadth of North America. They are headquartered in Houston.

In addition to being a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., Tara Energy is affiliated with Fulcrum Retail Holdings LLC, which operates under different energy brands: Tara, Amigo Energy, as well as Smart Prepaid Electric.

Fulcrum Retail Holdings is a subsidiary of Fulcrum Power Services L.P. and became connected with Just Energy Group Inc. in 2011. Regarding Just Energy Group Inc., it was established in 1997 and has offices that are located in many different parts of the world, including the U.S., Canada, and the UK. But the majority of their operation is done in Texas, Illinois, and Ontario.


Hudson Energy

Electricity Provider - Hudson EnergyHudson Energy Services LLC as a business got its start in New York with the mission of providing better residential and commercial electricity options for customers in the local area. Just a few years later, what started as a home-turf type of enterprise began to expand to other reaches of the country: these include Texas and Illinois in 2006.

And in 2010, just 8 years after the inception of the electric company company, Just Energy decided to buy Hudson for $304 million, meaning that Hudson was now a child company of its parent Just Energy. And now because of this absorption, Hudson has the benefit of reaching a worldwide customer base in Canada, Europe, and the U.S., and the reach is only expanding.

Now the company has more than 35 regional offices. The headquarters of Just Energy, the parent of the business family, is located in Mississauga, Canada. They also house some of their most important offices in Irving and Houston Texas, as well as Suffern, New York.

With 3 billion in revenue per annum, over 100,000 + businesses who run off on their electricity, 2.5 million customer equivalents, and myriad business partners, when looking at the company from a quantitative standpoint, the numbers reinforce the proposed quality of the company.

Like many other electric companies, Hudson places a large emphasis on providing clean, green electricity. They offer fixed rate prices as well as term contracts.


Amigo Energy

Electricity Provider - Amigo EnergyHeadquartered in Houston, Amigo is an retail electricity provider participating in the deregulated electricity market. Amigo only supplies electricity for Texas residential and commercial companies. It merged with Fulcrum Power Services in 2007. Amigo as a energy provider was founded in 2003.

Regarding publicity and active measures for marketing, in 2007 Amigo spent $7.5 million to have a 4-year jersey sponsorship deal with the major league soccer team the Houston Dynamo.  And four years later, Fulcrum Power Services and by extension Amigo, was acquired by Just Energy Group Inc., which rapidly expanded the reach and potential customer base. But today, according to the availability and focus of Amigo’s website, the areas that they provide electricity for is confined to Texas.

The areas of Texas that Amigo provides are Houston, Corpus Christi, Waco, San Angelo, Dallas, West Texas, and Irving areas.

In 2009, Amigo ranked as the 17th biggest electricity provider. They provide fixed-rate plans like other energy providers, but they allow Amigo credits to be purchased with their renewable plans which help discount monthly energy usage. And of course, Amigo doesn’t just provide electricity for residential customers in the Texas area but for businesses as well. There are 12-month plans that are fixed or customizable based on the energy needs of your enterprise.


Just Energy

Electricity Provider - Just EnergyJust Energy Group Inc. is one of the largest electric companies in the world, which has subsidiary companies and offices that stretch from Texas, Canada, Illinois, and New York, to Ireland, the UK, Japan, and Germany.

For Texas cities that Just Energy serves, Abilene, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Edinburg, Fort Worth, Houston, Killeen, Laredo, McAllen, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Spanish Camp, and Waco are all available areas for electricity,

Just Energy is an electricity provider for 4.5 million customers worldwide all through its combined affiliation with Tara Energy, Amigo Energy, Momentis, Hudson Energy Solar, Hudson Energy, Commerce Energy, and Green Star Energy.

It was founded in 1997 and has headquarters in Ontario, Mississauga, and Houston Texas.

Just Energy prides itself on their smart sensing technology, which saves customers money and helps stave off the overall impact of our collective carbon footprints. They have a blog and a number of informative articles to help keep their customers informed on climate change and the importance of green energy.

In addition, the Just Energy Foundation was formed to focus on giving back to communities. It was started in 2013. They partnered with Volunteer Houston and made a sustainable garden at Brookline Elementary School in 2016. And more efforts are being made in the near future.


Ambit Energy

Electric Company - Ambit EnergyAmbit is an electricity provider for many different states in the nation, some of which include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C just to name a few. It has even extended business to Japan and Canada most recently.

They were voted #1 according to J.D. Power and Associates when they were categorically selected as the most positively recommended electric company shared by friends, family members, and co-workers.

Their corporate headquarters is in Dallas, one of the largest hubs for corporate headquarters in the country. And for their call center and business operations office, that is located in Plano, Texas.

Ambit started in 2006, in Addison, Texas. They operate as a multi-level marketing company and according to the data, obtain their customers through independent consultants. It was called a fastest growing privately held company in 2010 by Inc. Magazine, but since has fallen in the rankings in the subsequent years.


Constellation Energy

Electric Company - Constellation EnergyAs a subsidiary of Exelon, a fortune 100 energy company, Constellation has a lot of customers on both a residential and commercial basis. They are headquartered in Baltimore and were created as a holding company in 1999 by their then parent company Baltimore Gas and Electric. Under this contract, Constellation was in the business of operating around 35 power plants in 11 different states in the nation.

After the merger with Exelon in 2012, they now serve close to 2 million customers in the U.S. According to their website, they provide energy for more than two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies.

Currently Constellation mainly works in natural gas, electricity, and solar energy, and other renewable energy variations.

Constellation provides for many states, including Texas. The areas of Texas that it serves are in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, and Laredo, for major Texas areas.

Constellation is involved with a number of charities and philanthropic endeavors. One of their biggest partners is Habitat for Humanity, which Constellation works closely with to make improvements in energy affordability for the affiliated Habitat homes.  Most of these efforts take place in Chicago and the Greater Boston area. In addition, Constellation offers their E2 Energy to Educate grant program, where students are taught the in’s and out’s of the industry and how to aim to frame the energy problems of the future.

Constellation has many, many sponsors as well, ranging from professional sports teams: The Chicago Blackhawks, White Sox, and Bulls, Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies, The Baltimore Ravens, PGA of America, Wells Fargo and United Center, to name their biggest sponsors.


Pogo Energy

Electricity Provider - Pogo EnergyPogo Energy is a company that is committed to honestly providing customers 100% renewable energy with a ‘no BS (bill shock)’ policy. They promise same-day electricity services with only a $40 rate to achieve that and implemented with a cancel-anytime policy. They also don’t focus customers to sign long contracts. You can be a part of Pogo for as long as you want. And their electricity providing service is all based upon a prepaid system where customers can track their usage and remaining balance. It is a pay-as-you-go type of service for those who generally don’t use much electricity. This also means that Pogo doesn’t have spend the resources on collections or various administrative upkeep because bills are prepaid and money does not have to be tracked down.

They are based in Irving, Texas and they service the whole state of Texas. They advertise themselves as just as good as the ‘big guys’ without the hidden fees and rate changes that often happen with large conglomerates in the area. They are a relatively small business but will be expanding from the looks of it.

The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Irving. Because of their relative newness, not a lot of information or business affiliates are currently known about the company, but it looks like they have wholeheartedly embraced the independent, private company identity, so any affiliations would be limited in the future.


V247 Power Corp

Electric Company - V247 PowerThe V247 energy provider company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. They first got their start providing trustworthy electricity services to citizens of Texas in 2012. Their range of energy services extends to all deregulated ERCOT areas.

V247 provides the typical range of services for electricity providers such as fixed-rate contracts and guarantees of no rate changes.

AV247 isn’t a child to a larger parent corporation. As far as providing electricity, they stand as the sole business under the V247 and have not segmented their business to target a more diverse customer base under different names.

Regarding the area of where they offer their services, these other companies also share the same area of operation: Centerpoint Energy, Oncor, Texas-New Mexico Power.

They regularly participate in food drives and other charitable events like a hunger game fundraiser which generated donations to try and feed those hungry in Texas.


Texpo Energy

Electricity Provider - Texpo EnergyTexpo Energy is a part of the larger, overreaching corporation Texpo Power LP. Some of its other subsidiaries include Southwest Power and Light and YEP Energy. They operate within the Texas area under the PUCT license #10126.

They have been in operation since 2002 as a Retail Electric Provider since the electricity market was deregulated. And they pride themselves on their combined experience in the industry, as well as their recent Gold Star and consistent A ratings from the BBB.

They are located in Houston, Texas. And they serve the deregulated parts of Texas like many other REP’s. They also, like all other Texas energy providers, use the deregulated, three-tiered system that separates the power plants, the grid, and the electricity.


Spark Energy

Electricity Provider - Spark EnergySpark Energy is a part of the larger parent corporation Spark Energy, Inc. It is also affiliated with Verde Energy USA Texas LLC, as well, which functions under the Spark Energy parent. It was founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas before the deregulation of electricity.

Spark provides energy for a lot of different states ranging from the West Coast to the East Coast, but a lot of these states are only provided gas. When talking about electricity, Texas is the state that gets supplied the most, along with Maine and New Hampshire. And some states get the full complement of gas and electric, these include: Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and a few others.

They have won multiple awards during their time as a R.E.P. Some of these include, a number 4 ranking on a list of 100 companies in Houston who were involved in public trading, a #1 ranking as a Retail Energy provider by Marketing Conferences LLC, in addition to a top 10 ranking for Texas Electric Companies by Consumer Affairs.

They have done $700+ million in revenue, have been in business for 19 years, and have more than a 1,000,000 customers.

Some charities that they are involved with include Child Advocates, Helping a Hero, Arbor Day Foundation, Lemonade Day, The American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs.


Stream Energy

Electric Company - Stream EnergyStream energy is affiliated with their parent organization STREAM SPE LTD, but has no affiliates or other siblings in the company family. It was founded in 2005 and quickly spread by word-of-mouth marketing and advertising to expand in the already crowded market of electricity. They are headquartered in Dallas and provide their energy services to many states in the country.

They signed their first customer in 2005 and would go onto become a DFW top 150 company. Revenues would keep climbing a year later. A few years later they expanded to Georgia and then Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland markets. New York is next as the company hits $6 billion in revenue. And they have kept expanding to this day.

Some of the awards that they have accrued since shortly after they were founded are the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce Momentum Award, Fastest Growing Company Awards, in 2012 it ranked as the 25th largest Private Company in Dallas, and in 2016 it was ranked 14th in North America as a company by Direct Selling News. In addition those awards, the BBB has given it a “A” rating consistently over the years.

Stream also created their Stream Cares Foundation, which is centered on providing for children and the local community, as well as Hope Supply Co., which aims at alleviating the problems for homeless children in North Texas.


Infinite Energy

Electricity Provider - Infinite EnergyInfinite energy is associated with Infinite Energy Holdings LLC, which is its parent organization. Another electric provider that is affiliated with this chain of businesses is Veteran Energy LLC.

For electricity purposes, Texas is the only state that is served. For the natural gas customers, their area of services extends into the East Coast with the states of Florida, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey being the natural gas customer base.

Infinite Energy is based in Gainesville, Florida. And according to online contact forms, mailing is directed to Charlotte North Carolina meaning that offices are most eastern-based.

For charities and community-centered events, Infinite offers paid volunteer time for employees as an incentive for them to use their time to help the local community. They are involved in education, energy assistance, and environmental work to help various people. Most of this is done in Florida, which is the home base for most Infinite Energy operations. Georgia also gets a lot of volunteer work from the organization. Tuition reimbursement and further initiatives in STEM-based studies for students are funded as well.

According to Inc. magazine, Infinite was voted as the 2018 best workplace. Another notable accomplishment that happened last year was that the company turned 24 years old. During the 2019 year, the company will turn 25.