Katy Electricity Providers and Rates

What you need to know about comparing electricity providers in Katy, TX.

Power to choose in Katy means there are over a dozen reputable electricity providers that compete daily to win your business.  Switching electricity providers in Texas is an extremely easy process.  Electricity providers are selling a commodity.  There is nothing that differentiates the electricity provided by one company from the electricity provided by another company. This means that price is everything.

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There is no reason for a Katy energy consumer to not choose the cheapest electricity plan available; regardless of what provider is offering it.

For over a decade, Vault Electricity has worked with the top electricity providers in Texas to offer great deals to consumers.  Our electricity rate comparison tool puts all of your options in one easy to use list, so you can compare electricity rates to find the best deal.

Electricity rates in Texas change constantly as electric companies try to out maneuver each other.  We work daily to make sure all the best plans and rates stay up to date and at your fingertips.

Featured Electricity Rates In Katy, Texas

Compare the cheapest Katy electricity providers and rates

Why Compare Electricity Rates in Katy?

Many people who move to Katy from out of state or other parts of Texas don’t realize that they have the power to choose their electric provider.  It is very important to take the time to weigh your options when it comes to choosing your energy provider.

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Top Katy Electricity Rates From Each Provider

Electric CompanyPlan NameElectricity Rate
Frontier UtilitiesFrontier Saver Plus 2412.1¢/kWh
BKV EnergyThe Lantana 1515.8¢/kWh
GexaEco Saver Plus 2412.1¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 2412.1¢/kWh
Cirro EnergySmart Simple 1217.1¢/kWh
TrieagleSure Value 3614.9¢/kWh
Direct EnergyAutopay Texas 1216.7¢/kWh
Veteran EnergyVeteran Energy Valor 3614.7¢/kWh
TXUClear Deal 1214.9¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 1212.1¢/kWh
GexaEco Saver Lite 1220.5¢/kWh
Express EnergyFlash 2412.1¢/kWh
Green Mountain EnergyPollution Free e-Plus17.8¢/kWh
ReliantPower on 1217.9¢/kWh
Ambit EnergyLone Star Classic 1219.5¢/kWh
Payless PowerRate Lock 618.9¢/kWh
Rates Updated September 27, 2023
For a more detailed realtime rate comparison enter your zip code at the top of the page.  Our rate comparison tool lets you see all providers and rates. You can filter by term length, usage level, green energy plans, no deposit plans and get you them most up to date pricing.  The rates listed above are for  the 1,000 kWh usage level. More Information on any of these plans >>>

Electricity rates in Texas can be a lot different from one electric company to the next and even from one day to the next.  Many people don’t realize what a large difference there can be in the prices of different companies. Often you will find that within the same company there can be a big difference in price from one plan to the next.

That’s where we come in.  The best way to shop for electricity is to see all your options in one place.  We’ve put all that information in one place, in one list, and in a user friendly format.

Even if you aren’t moving, you can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching providers when another company offers a great deal on an electricity plan.

Moving to Katy, TX?

The city of Katy is a part of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties; it was first established as a railroad town, and most likely got its name for the railroad it was next to: the railroad was called the Missouri-Kansas-Texas ( the K-T and later called ‘The Katy’).

Katy’s population is about 18,000. And living in the city is about 16% more expensive than the rest of the country. This is due to transportation and housing (median home cost is $248,700).

Actress Renée Zellweger is from Katy, Texas. In addition, Andy Dalton, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, is from the city.

In Katy, the weather can be frightful: the number of natural disasters that have happened in the environs is well above the national average. For the most part, storms, floods, and hurricanes are somewhat common in the area.

Management and Grounds Cleaning positions are the most common occupations in Katy. And Construction and specialized Science jobs are very common as well.

And if you are in the area and want to go out for something fun, the Katy Mills is a great shopping mall to visit; if it is summertime, consider going to the Typhoon Texas Waterpark.

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Shopping for No Deposit Electricity In Katy

It’s not easy to get a no deposit electricity plan if your credit isn’t perfect or if you are just starting out and haven’t built any credit yet.

Most companies check your credit when you try to get your lights turned on.  If your credit score isn’t what they want it to be, they will ask you for a deposit.  There are certain situations under which you could be exempt from having to pay a deposit, but few people qualify for these exemptions.

Electric companies set their own credit standards based on their own in house criteria.  If you can’t afford the deposit they demand, you could sign-up for another electric company.  If the other company has different credit standards, they may offer you an electricity plan with no upfront deposit or, at least, a smaller deposit.

Prepaid electricity plans are another popular option for no deposit electricity.  A prepaid electricity plan is exactly what it sounds like.  You put a small amount of money into your account up front (usually you can start with less than $50) and that money pays for your electricity for the first few days or however long the money lasts.  When your account balance begins to run low, you just add more money to your account.  For a lot of people, this is a much better option that having hundreds of dollars tied up in a deposit.

Katy Energy Company Jobs

The fact that Katy’s main business district is called the Energy Corridor tells you all you need to know about Katy’s relationship with the energy industry.  Some of the largest energy companies in the world are located here, so there are plenty of jobs to be had in the industry. At any given time, there are hundreds of openings for people with all levels of experience.  Getting started with a new career at a global energy powerhouse is something many would consider worthwhile.

BP America is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the word.  Headquartered locally, BP has a huge workforce in the area.  BP’s Remote Operations are located here, as well as its Global Monitoring Center and its Center for High-Performance Computing.  No matter what field you are interested in, BP is an energy company that offers many diverse opportunities.

Citgo is much more than just the corner convenience stores.  They are an oil refining energy powerhouse with the ability to refine 750,000 barrels of crude oil every day.  They operate tens of thousands of miles of pipelines for gasoline, diesel, heating oil and jet fuel, plus the terminal facilities that go with the pipelines.

ConocoPhillips is a massive energy company that is locally headquartered.  With over 11,000 employees, they offer a wide variety of job opportunities.  They are the world’s largest energy company, and a top 5 U.S, gas marketer.  They are also an electricity provider.

Shell Oil is a massively diverse energy company. In addition to the corner Shell gas stations, they have huge refining operations, wide-ranging oil and natural gas drilling capabilities, as well as energy efficiency solutions for “behind the electricity meter” applications.

Contacting the Utility Company in Katy

CenterPoint Contact Information:
For power outages in Katy Texas, please call CenterPoint at 1-800-332-7143. To have underground lines located prior to digging in Katy Texas, call 1-800-344-8377. To view a map of current CenterPoint power outages, click here.

Smart Meter Information: 
For information on the smart meter program in Katy Texas, click here.

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