Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers commonly ask questions about our services and industry. To better understand how we work, and how we can serve you, see answers to questions that we frequently receive.

Q: What do I need to do to use your services?

Simply enter your zip code into the electricity rates calculator on our homepage to view rates and plans for providers in your area. We can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

We charge you nothing. Our fees are paid by the electric company you choose, at a rate that is generally equal to or less than the rate they pay their in-house sales team. Our fee is the same for every provider, making our recommendations completely unbiased.

Q: How much can I save by using your services?

Our commercial clients have saved an average of 47% over their previous electricity rate. Our residential clients have saved an average of 24% over their previous rate.

Q: How often are the electric rates on your website updated?

Rates for electric companies listed on our website are updated hourly. If a rate change occurs, we list it immediately, so you have real-time information for choosing the best provider.

Q: How many electricity providers will I have to choose from?

It depends on the number of providers that serve your area. It’s common for our customers to have dozens of choices for selecting a new, cheaper electricity provider.

Q: Can I get a lower rate from my current electricity provider?

If your electric company knows that you are shopping for better rates among competing providers, the company may decide to offer you a better rate to keep you as a customer.

Q: Will the reliability of my electricity be affected if I change providers?

No. Your electricity will be delivered by your local “wires” company. If you have an outage, the company will respond. This company is the same, no matter which electric provider you use.

Q: Why is the electric company asking me for a deposit?

Electric companies typically run a ‘soft’ credit check when you enroll for an electric plan.  Depending on the results of this credit check, they may ask you for a deposit.  If you are asked to pay a deposit you cannot afford, a prepaid electricity plan may be a solution for you.  You can often get the lights on with these plan for the cost of just a few days’ electricity.

Q: If my credit isn’t the best, can I still receive a no deposit plan?

Yes. Although it is common for providers to run credit checks before selling you service, some providers offer no deposit electricity plans.

Q: Are there any “hidden” fees that electric companies charge?

There are potential fees, which we include in your analysis of choosing an electricity provider. The fees are listed in electric companies’ contracts but are often hard to understand. When we present our findings, we explain fees and discuss the pros and cons of each electric company.

Q: Does the Letter of Authorization (LOA) obligate me in any way?

No. The LOA is an industry standard form that lets us obtain your recent electricity usage history from your local wires company. We use the information to obtain quotes for you, based on the amount of energy you used over the past 12 months.

Q: Can I add my home electricity meter to my commercial account?

In most cases, you can add your residential meter to your commercial account, although it may not be the best solution for lowering your home’s electric rate.

Q: How long will it take for my cheaper electricity rate to kick in?

It is possible for the cheaper rate to be applied in as little as a few days. We expedite the process by presenting you with a list of electric companies in your area, along with their rates and plans.

Q: Do you screen providers that you present as possible options?

Yes. We carefully screen electric companies before listing them as options. We evaluate a company’s business stability, customer service, financial transparency, and environmental impact.

Q: If I pick a provider that does go out of business, will I lose power?

No. Your electricity service will not be interrupted. You will be notified and switched to your default local provider, and we will find a new supplier for you. However, we have never recommended a provider that went out of business.

Q: Do you offer services outside of Texas?

Yes. We also list electric company information for New York City. This is mainly because the city has a massive electricity market, where the information that we provide is sorely needed.

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