Cirro Smart Value 12 Plan – What You Need To Know

The Cirro Smart Value 12 plan features a bill credit that applies at certain levels of monthly usage.  It is designed to have it’s cheapest electricity rate at the 1000 kWh usage level.  This means that once you use 1000 kWhs of electricity in a billing cycle you receive a $30 credit on your bill.

However, if you use more than 2000 kWh for a given month, the $30 bill credit goes away.  This has the effect of causing a substantial jump in your average electricity rate beginning at 2001 kWhs.

The chart below illustrates the effect of the bill credit on your average electricity rate.  You will notice a sudden drop in average rate at exactly the 1000 kWh level.  The rate stays relatively low between 1000 and 2000 kWhs then jumps again as the bill credit goes away.

Cirro Smart Value 12 electricity rate

Many Texas electricity plans feature bill credits like this.  In general, the smaller the bill credit is, the less volatile your electricity rate will be.  To know id such a plan is right for you, you should look at your past utility bills to see how much electricity you typically use.  Pay particular attention to the summer months when you are likely to use the most electricity.

Additional Plan Details

At the time of this writing, the Cirro Smart Value 12 Plan has an energy charge of 7.6¢ per kWh in the Houston area.  You will also pay pass thru fees from your regional Transmission and Distribution Utility (in Houston the is Centerpoint).  These fees are different depending on where you live within the state.  But they generally fall within the 3.5¢ – 5.0¢ per kWh range.  Electricity rates in Texas change often.  To get the current electricity rate in your area for the Cirro Smart Value 12 plan as well as other plans from Cirro and other Texas electricity providers, enter your zip code above.

The plan has a base charge of $7.95 as of the time of this writing.  Again, you can use our real time electricity rate comparison tool to get updated information on this plan.

How does the Cirro Smart Value 12 Plan compare to other plans

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