Texas Electric Company Fees

This is a list of some of the fees your electricity provider may charge you.  This is in addition to the standard charges you may already be aware of.

Electric companies are always coming up with new fees so you may find some that aren’t included here.  Every electric company is different so you will need to check the electricity facts label and terms of service for your specific plan to get details on which fees your company charges and what the amounts are.  The amounts given here represent typical amounts but yours could be different.

Cancelation Fee

Cancellation fees are sometimes called termination fees or exit fees. The cancelation fee for a 12-month contract is usually between $125 and $250. If you are moving, contact your electricity provider. Chances are, you won’t have to pay the cancelation fee. Amount: $125 – $250

Insufficient Funds Fee

Bad check fee. Amount: $25-$50

Customer Care Calls Fee

Yes. Some electricity providers will charge you to speak to customer care. Amount: around $5

Agent Assist Fees

Some providers will charge you if you pay your bill over the phone with the help of an agent. Amount: around $5

Disconnect Notice Fee

Not to be confused with a disconnect fee, the disconnect notice fee is a fee charged just for notifying you that you are about to be disconnected. Amount: around $5

Disconnect Fee

If your lights are turned off you will be charged a disconnect fee. Amount $25-$50

Reconnection Fee

To get your lights turned back on after they have been turned off because of non-payment. Amount $25-$50

Late Fee

Be prepared to pay extra if you are late with your payment. Amount 5% of late amount

Collection Calls Fee

If your electric company has to call you to collect payment they will charge you. Amount around $5

Additional Paper Documentation Fee

If you require paper documentation it might cost you. Amount $20

Minimum usage Fee

Some plans have a fee if you don’t use enough electricity. Amount $10-$50

Credit/Debit card processing Fees:

To pass along merchant fees. Amount $2.95

Excessive Number of Payments Fee:

If you make payments multiple times in the same month you may be assessed a fee. Amount $5.00

Zero Usage Fee

Similar to a minimum usage fee. If a meter has zero usage in a month, some companies will charge a fee. Amount $5.00

Change state date / move out date Fee

Apparently, some electric companies don’t like change. If you change your move in date you may be hit with a fee. Amount $10

Credit Card Chargeback Fee

Similar to an insufficient funds fee or bad check fee. Amount $75

Non-Autopay Fee

May plan specifically require Autopay to get the lowest electricity rate. Some companies opt instead to charge a fee for anyone who doesn’t want to sign up for auto pay. Amount $5

Same-Day Move-in Fee:

The TDUs will charge a TDU fee for priority move in. A lot of electric companies charge their own fee on top of the TDU fees for same day electricity setup. Amount $35

Unauthorized Enrollment Fee

Amount $50