Champion Green Energy-12 Plan

Price Predictability Score: 5/5

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Plan Name: Green Energy-12
Company: Champion Energy Services

Term Length: 12 Months
Plan Type: Fixed Rate, Solar Buy Back
Energy Source: 100% Renewable
500 kWh Rate: 22.9¢
1000 kWh Rate: 22.5¢
2000 kWh Rate: 22.3¢

Rate Breakdown
Energy Charge: 18.1¢
Base Charge: $0.00 per Month
TDU Meter Fee: $4.39
TDU per kWh Fee: 3.9416¢

Additional non-recurring Charges
Late Payment Fee: 5% of late amount
Non-Sufficient Funds: $30
Disconnection Fee: up to $30
Cancelation Fee (Exit fee): $150

This plan is eligible for Champion’s solar buy back program if your home has solar panels. This green energy plan is provided through the use of renewable energy credits which support wind and solar production facilities.

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Price Predictability Score

The Price Predictability Score of the champion Green Energy-12 plan is a 5 out of 5. This a measure of how predictable your electricity bill will be under this plan.

5 is the highest score and means that the advertised rate is very close to what you can expect in the real world.

A score of 1 is the lowest. Plans with a 1 are highly unpredictable and your electricity rate and bill amount can be wildly different from one month to the next.

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