Fate Texas Electricity Providers and Rates

Moving to Fate?  Maybe you are considering switching electricity providers to save money on your energy bill.  Whatever your situation, we’ll help you find what you need.  We’ve listed the lowest rate and most trusted electric companies that provide power to Fate.

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With so many companies selling electric service Texas, and so many plans to choose from it’s impossible to keep up unless it’s your full time job.  Fortunately for you, that is our job.  Our free electricity comparison tool has helped thousands of Texans compare electricity providers and find the best deals on power.

Featured Electricity Rates In Fate, Texas

Compare the cheapest Fate electricity providers and rates
There is so much fine print, with electricity plans in Texas.  There are countless options and the marketing of electricity plans can be confusing.  It gets to be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal on electricity.  Vault Electricity puts all your options in one place, so you can look at plans from all the trusted companies in Fate and find the cheapest residential electricity rates and the plan that fits your needs.

Top Fate, TX Electricity Rates From Each Provider

Electric CompanyPlan NameElectricity Rate
BKV energyThe Lantana 1514.2¢/kWh
Frontier UtilitiesFrontier Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Plus 2411.3¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 2411.3¢/kWh
Cirro EnergySmart Simple 1215.6¢/kWh
TrieagleSure Value 3612.9¢/kWh
Direct EnergyAutopay Texas 1216.3¢/kWh
Green Mountain EnergyPollution Free e-Plus17.4¢/kWh
TXUClear Deal 1213.9¢/kWh
4Change EnergyMaxx Saver Select 1211.1¢/kWh
GexaGexa Eco Saver Lite 1219.1¢/kWh
Express EnergyFlash 2411.3¢/kWh
Veteran EnergyVeteran Energy Valor 3612.8¢/kWh
ReliantReliant Power On 1219.9¢/kWh
Payless PowerRate Lock 1218.3¢/kWh
Rates Updated March 10, 2024
For a more detailed realtime rate comparison enter your zip code at the top of the page.  Our rate comparison tool lets you see all providers and rates. You can filter by term length, usage level, green energy plans, no deposit plans and get you them most up to date pricing.  The rates listed above are for  the 1,000 kWh usage level. More Information on any of these plans >>>

Competition in Texas electricity has resulted in an explosion of product offerings in electricity.

Here you will find such plans as:

•             Green Energy Plans
•             No Deposit Electricity Plans
•             Prepaid Electricity Plans
•             Free Night Plans
•             Free Weekend Plans
•             Rewards Programs
•             Veteran’s Discounts
•             And more

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Is One Electricity Provider Really That Different From Another?

The most important consideration when choosing and electricity provider is who has the cheapest electricity rate.  In that respect, electricity providers can be very different.  Electricity rates in Fate, TX can vary a great deal depending on who you have as your electric company.  From this standpoint, there is an important distinction between electricity providers.

As far as how your electricity is delivered and how reliable your service is, however, there is no difference at all between retail electricity providers.  This is because the same utility company is responsible for delivering electricity to everyone in Fate.  It doesn’t matter who your retail electricity provider is.  The electricity all comes from the same place.  You will not notice the difference between one electric provider and the next until your bill arrives.

Other than price, there are a few other differences   Some companies have tougher credit requirements for example.  Some offer prepaid service while others are exclusively postpaid.

Prepaid electricity works somewhat like a prepaid cell plan or debit card.  You pay for the power you are going to use ahead of time.  The cost of the power you use is deducted from your prepaid account balance.  It allows consumers to avoid a credit check and is a no deposit electricity option.

Most providers offer paperless billing and autopay options.  Most of them prefer to do as much as possible online.  This helps keep their costs down and allows them to offer lower rates.

Fate, Texas – Things to Know

In Northeastern Texas, in the County of Rockwall, lies the city of Fate. Last estimated, the population of Fate hit 12,100, making it the 205th largest city in the state. Population has been growing rapidly in the city as well; it has jumped in increments of 5%-10% in the past decade. The nearest major cities to Fate are Garland (15 miles) and Dallas (25 miles). And Ralph Hall, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, was born in the city. In addition, there are some notable attractions to check out while you are in the Fate area: The State Fair is always a great time; there are Go Karts in the area, and of course, Dallas is just a short drive away.

Regarding the workforce for citizens of Fate, the wages earned in the city is well above the national and state averages. The median household income last checked was $107,000 total. That’s almost twice the Texas average. The cost of living is higher in the area, but that is due to expensive houses and transportation-related expenses (like commute time and gas prices). The most common occupations for those with employment are in Management, Production, and Education vocations.

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Fate No Deposit Electricity Plans Are Here

Rather than paying a bunch of money for a deposit, you may consider enrolling in a prepaid electricity plan.  These plans have become very popular in Fate.  With a very small amount out of packet (as little as $30), you can get your power on quickly.

Much like a debit card, this money goes into your account and pays for your electricity from the start.  As you use electricity, the cost is deducted from your account.  You can add funds to your account at any time.  You don’t have to pay a single large electric bill once a month and you don’t have to keep hundreds of dollars parked with the electric company where it does you no good.

For Prepaid Electricity Call 855-564-1181.

Should I Care What My Electricity Plan’s EFL Says?

After you’ve found a plan that you think you like, you should read the plan’s EFL (Electricity Facts Label) before enrolling in the plan.  This is a PUC required document that lays out for the shopper exactly what they should expect from their electricity plan.  It contains a breakdown of all the costs and fees that are a part of your electricity plan.

If there is a cancellation fee, it will be included in here.  You will also find a table that lists all pricing levels and fixed fees that go into calculating the average electricity rate.

Pay close attention to how the average rates are calculated.  Some plans will include bill credits that don’t occur until a certain usage level.  These are designed to give the plan its most attractive average rate right at one of the benchmark usage levels that people use to compare plans.  But if your usage for any given billing cycle falls outside of that range, you may find that your effective electricity rate is much higher than advertised.

Some companies use these tactics so that their plan looks cheaper against other electricity companies when looking at the 2000 kWh or 1000 kWh levels.  But in the real world it’s impossible to use a specific amount of electricity over the course of a month.  Plans that use this trick are unpredictable and rarely the bargain they appear to be.

Keep in mind, commercial electricity plans do not have an EFL.

Fate Utility Company Contact Information:

For power outages in Fate Texas, please call Oncor at 1-888-313-4747. To have underground lines located prior to digging in Fate Texas, call 1-800-344-8377. To view Fate Texas outage maps, click here.

Information on Smart Electric Meters in Fate, Texas:

For information on the smart meter program in Fate Texas, click here.

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