Providence in the Park Apartments Electricity Estimates

If you are moving to the Providence in the Park Apartments in Arlington, TX, you have a choice of multiple electricity providers.  We have listed here the cheapest options for you.  To get your lights turned on simply choose a provider from the list of providers that serve this apartment complex and complete the enrollment either online or over the phone.

Website: https://cortland.com/apartments/providence-in-the-park/Phone Number: 817-873-0514

How much will my electricity bill be at the Providence in the Park Apartments?

Of course your bill will depend on the size of your apartment and how much electricity you use.  This table below will give you an idea of what to expect for electricity cost based on which floorplan you choose.  Electricity rates in Texas tend to fluctuate quite a bit and the range of rates varies widely between the different electric companies.  That’s why it’s important to comparison shop in order to save money on your light bill.

Floor PlanBedroomsSize (Sq Ft)Average Electric Bill Range
Palm1653$79 - $105
Birch1718$85 - $113
Spruce1770$89 - $120
Blue Spruce1819$94 - $126
White Spruce1795$92 - $123
Fraser2823$94 - $127
Maple21052$115 - $157
Aspen21191$127 - $175
Sugar Maple21094$118 - $162
Trident Maple21072$116 - $159
Elm31302$137 - $189

These calculations are based on the average electricity usage of apartments of similar size in Arlington, TX.  Your electric bill will also be effected by the time of year.  Summer months tend to be the highest because of the cost of air conditioning.  Electric bills tend to be at their lowest during the spring months.

Compare the cheapest Arlington electricity providers and rates

Helpful Hint:

Be sure to use the home size drop down menu to select Apartment.  This will show you the electricity rates based on 500 kWh of monthly electricity usage. This is a good estimate of usage for an apartment.  If you have a larger apartment, you might want to select the ‘Small Home’ option which will display rates based on 1000 kWh of monthly electricity usage.

Energy Efficiency

While it’s difficult to determine the exact financial impact of older amenities on an electricity bill, it can be helpful to know whether your apartment has been recently renovated. 

The newer the amenities, the more efficient they will be, and the more money you’ll save on your monthly bill. 

The Providence in the Park Apartments were built in 1997 and remodeled in 2017.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The Providence in the Park Apartments do not have electric vehicle charging stations. If you are thinking of moving to The Providence in the Park Apartments, you will need to find a nearby charging station to recharge!

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