Lamar County Electric Cooperative

Lamar County Electric Cooperative Association is a medium sized nonprofit electricity provider serving rural areas of Northeast Texas.  Having a total of 12,900 customers, this electric company delivers power across four Texas counties:  Lamar County, Fannin County, Red River County and Delta County.  They do not have any electricity generation capabilities, so they purchase 100% of the electricity they distribute from the electric grid.

Lamar County Electric Co-op does a better job than most member-owned electric companies when it comes to ease of doing business.  In addition to offering the SmartHub app as a way of paying electric bills and staying informed of power usage, they offer Autopay, level billing and prepaid electricity.

Believe it or not, most light companies do not offer Autopay.  Lamar County ECA does, and they take it a step further than other companies that offer it.  They allow you to set up Autopay from either a bank draft from your checking account, or from a credit card.  If you have a credit card that gives you cash back, you should seriously consider going with the credit card Autopay option.  It’s not a service that is commonly offered in today’s business world.

Level Billing is more commonly known as Average Billing.  Level billing works to keep your monthly electric bills stable throughout the year.  They way it works is they look at the total of your last 12 months of electric bills, then they divide that by 12 and bill you that amount each month.  This amount will only change slightly going forward if your usage begins to vary when compared to the previous year’s amount.  In order to sign up for level billing, your electric bills have to be up to date, and you have to have had electric service with Lamar County for at least a year.

Their prepaid electricity option is not a true no deposit electricity plan.  You do need to pay a deposit that amounts to two months worth of usage.  Once you have met that requirement, you have the luxury of paying the same electricity rate as Lamar County Electric’s traditional customers.

Lamar County Electric Co-op Ratings:

Google Rating:  2.3 Stars
Facebook Rating:  3.9 Stars
Better Business Bureau:  A+, with 1 customer complaint in the last 12 months

Lamar County Electric Cooperative provides electricity to the following cities:

  • Annona
  • Bagwell
  • Blossom
  • Bogata
  • Clarksville
  • Deport
  • Detroit
  • Dimple
  • Direct
  • Emberson
  • English
  • Fulbright
  • Hart’s Bluff
  • Kanawa
  • Kiomitia
  • Pattonville
  • Petty
  • Wosderly
  • Reno
  • Roxton
  • Sumner
  • Woodland

Current Directors of Lamar County Electric Cooperative:

  • District 1: Mike Williams, Secretary/Treasurer
  • District 2: Jeremy Hamil
  • District 3: Harry Moore
  • District 4: James Floyd
  • District 5: Allen Branch
  • District 6: George Wood, President
  • District 7: Ron Tippit
  • District 8: Matthew Albus
  • District 9: Lyle Yoder, Vice President

Contact Information and Phone Number:

Lamar County ECA
1485 N. Main St.
Paris, TX 75460