TNMP: Texas-New Mexico Power

Texas-Mew Mexico Power (TNMP) is the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) responsible for delivering power to scattered regions throughout Texas.  Read here for more information about what functions Texas TDUs perform.  It is one of four major TDUs including CenterPoint, Oncor, and AEP Texas.

Map of TNMP Service Area

TNMP Coverage Map

Cities served by TNMP

LewisvilleCliftonGlen Rose
AnnaFarmersvilleTexas City
AubreyFort StocktonWhitney
This is just a sample of cities in the TNMP TDU area

Report outages with TNMP

To report power outages or hazards such as downed power lines or trees fallen near powerlines call 888-866-7456

TNMP Power Outage Maps

To view the statuses of current power outages go to the TNMP Power Outage map

In the event of a grid emergency, TNMP may be asked by ERCOT to implement involuntary load shedding to reduce demand on the electric grid.