Oncor Energy is the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) responsible for delivering power to the DFW metroplex and much of North Texas.  Read here for more information about what functions Texas TDUs perform.

Cities Served

Fort WorthIrvingMesquiteWichita Falls
DallasWacoKilleenRound Rock
KilleenOdessaGrand PrairieMckinney
TylerDFW AreaCopperas CoveMansfield
This is just a sample of cities that get their power delivered by Oncor

Map of Oncor Delivery Area

Oncor Service Area
Oncor delivers power in 98 counties in Texas

Report Power Outages with Oncor

Report Power Outages here

Report Downed Power Lines

Oncor recommends that you contact 911 to report downed power lines. You can also report the issue to Oncor by calling 1.888.313.4747

Report Streetlight Outages

Reported streetlight outages to Oncor here

Oncor Fees on Your Electricity Bill

If you live in an area serviced by Oncor you will see Pass-through fees from Oncor on your electricity bill. Read here for a detailed list of Oncor fees for residential electricity service.

Oncor Programs and Responsibilities

Oncor is responsible for keeping the lights on over large parts of Texas, particularly in the north. They work very closely with the Texas PUC, ERCOT, and retail electricity providers through a number of programs, infrastructure projects, and planning activities.

Oncor builds and maintains transmission infrastructure

Oncor works closely with ERCOT to manage the need for transmission infrastructure. Oncor builds and maintains power transformers and power lines needed to transmit power from the power source to the places where the power is needed.

There are several large scale Transmission line projects underway currently. They include:

  • Bearkat Longshore 345 KV – This is a projected is located in Howard and Glasslock counties and is intended to facilitate the transmission of electricity from wind projects to areas where the power is needed. It is a collaboration between Oncor and Wind Energy Texas, LLC.
  • Kyle Ranch to Quarry Field 138kV – This transmission line project is located in West Texas and will modify the existing connection between the Kyle Ranch substation in Loving County and the Quarry Field switch also located in Loving County near Mentone, Texas
  • Old Country 345kV Tap – This transmission line project will improve the availability of solar energy generated by the Oystercatcher Solar facilities in Ellis County

Tree Pruning

Did you know Oncor was responsible for trimming trees near power lines? This is an important function in keeping powerlines safe and fully operational. Oncor recommends that customers not work within 10 feet of powerlines.

Residential Load Management Program

Oncor works with residential electricity providers to provide incentives for customers to reduce energy usage during times when demand is high on the electricity grid. This is facilitated by the use of smart meters.

Oncor Residential Solar Incentive Programs

Oncor works with retail electricity providers to offer incentives to homeowner who choose to install photovoltaic systems on their homes. These incentives can help subsidize the initial cost of installation. To qualify, home owners must work with a retail electricity provider who participates in the program. The installation must include battery storage in a addition to solar panels. With such a setup, customers can potentially participate in a solar buy back program that allows unused solar generated electricity to be sold back to the grid.

Providers that participate in the program include:

  • Allegiance Solar, LLC
  • Solarize LLC
  • Solartime USA LLC