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BKV was created when a group of innovators realized they had a better way to produce energy and empower Texans. BKV invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to put energy back into the grid through cleaner-burning natural gas and renewables from winterized power plants. For more than five years, BKV has been making reliable, sustainable energy used by millions of homes.

Now, as a provider and producer, BKV Energy wants to put that power directly in the hands of the people. We want to build on our foundation of using energy as a source for good and make the Texas energy industry better than when we found it. If it was easy to cut down on carbon emissions and make cleaner energy with the same reliability our communities depend on, someone would have done it already.

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Customer Care Phone Number: 855 258 4797
Customer Care Email: Support@bkvenergy.com
Customer Care Hours: 8AM-9PM, M-F, 8AM-5PM, SAT, CST
Website: https://bkvenergy.com/
Address: 1200 17th Street Suite 2100, Denver CO 80202
Texas PUC REP # 10323