Complaints In Texas Electricity Market Drop Again

For the fourth consecutive year, Texans are complaining less about their electricity providers.  This is according to findings published by Texas Coalition for Affordable Power.

There are number of factors that could be contributing to this steady decline in complaints.

Texans are becoming more and more familiar with how to compare electricity rates and shop for a better deal.   The also understand the terms of the plans better after years of deregulation in Texas.  This familiarity with how to shop and the process of switching providers leads to better experiences for consumers and, consequently, fewer complaints.

Electricity rates in Texas have been considerably lower over the past few years.  This is due largely to a sustained dip in natural gas prices.  Most electricity in Texas is produced from natural gas.  This leads to a strong price correlation between the two.    Consumers who feel they are paying too much are more likely to complain.

Complaints are now at their lowest level since deregulation began in the Texas electricity market.  The first full year of deregulation saw a total of 17,250 complaints to the PUC.  In fiscal year 2013 that number stood at 7,129.

 As the market matures and consumers and market players get more familiar with the process, complaints continue to decline.

This follows another recent report that confirms that Texans are more satisfied than ever with deregulated electricity.   The report by JD Power and Associates showed that Texans in deregulated areas of the state showed a higher level of satisfaction than those who lived in areas of the state that have not yet been opened to retail competition.

To file a complaint with the Texas PUC, follow this link: http://www.puc.texas.gov/consumer/complaint/Complaint.aspx

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