How to Get Electricity With No Credit Check or Deposit Required

You can get a great electricity rate from Texas’s cheapest electricity supplier and the flexibility you need with a no credit check, no deposit electricity plan. You work hard for your money, so why would you want hundreds of dollars sitting where you can’t get to it? Starting or switching to a new electricity plan with no deposit has never been easier.

The Standard Electric Plan Start-Up

Before no credit check, no deposit electricity plans were popular, starting or switching to a new plan was a lengthy, often expensive process. You’d have to call or visit your prospective provider to fill out an application. They’d run a credit check and either refuse service or approve you with a deposit.

Then you’d have to run to the bank or ATM, get cash, visit a payment station, get a reference number, call your prospective provider back, give them the number, hope they found your payment in your system, then finally, if nothing went wrong, you could schedule a connection date.

What Could Lead To A Deposit?

Without no deposit, no credit check electricity plans, your deposit would be assigned based on two factors, and could add up to hundreds of dollars. In determining your deposit, electric companies would look at your history of payments and your credit report. If there was a negative mark on either, such as if you’d lost a job or had an unexpected emergency that forced your payment to be late, then you had to pay before you even had service.

Electricity With No Deposit And No Credit Check

Our process is simple, and you can switch or start new service in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home. Find the right no-deposit plan on our website where you can compare plans side by side to find the cheapest electricity supplier for your needs, then let us know your choice. We’ll start the process of moving you to your new prepaid electricity plan.

Prepaid electricity puts you in control from the very start. Rather than paying a deposit then getting your electricity bill at the end of your billing cycle with no idea what will be on it, you’ll get started with no credit check, no deposit electricity service, just an initial payment for the electricity you’re going to use. Making your initial payment to fund your balance is easy and we’ll make sure you get switched over right away. Your service is paid from your prepaid balance, so there are no end-of month-surprises.

Why Texans Choose Prepaid Electricity

Many people find that plans that don’t require deposits or credit checks are the right way to get their electric service on their own terms. Some of the most popular reasons our customers have reported they choose and love prepaid electric plans.

  • No Credit Check – Many people don’t know that their credit report doesn’t just show loans and credit cards.

    It also shows anytime a credit report is requested, and the number of those requests or checks can lower your credit score. Too many requests can have a negative impact on credit decisions made when approving you for a mortgage, car loan, or even a job. This can lead to credit denials and higher interest rates. No deposit, no credit check electricity service protects your credit report, shielding it from unnecessary inquiries.

  • No Deposit – When you pay a deposit, do you know what happens to it? Rather than having access to that money to spend or invest, it’s given to another company that then uses it for their own expenses, investments, or to generate interest. Depending on their rules, you may get your money back after a specified amount of time, at the end of your service arrangement with them, or possibly not at all once they deduct fees and charges. No deposit, no credit check electricity keeps your money where it belongs: with you.
  • Flexible Payment Dates – Even with the cheapest electricity supplier in Texas, you may not want a single, large payment due every month. One of the prime benefits of prepaid electricity is that it puts you in control of your bills and finances. You have full access to your account to make payments and check the balance on your schedule, any time you want. You can match your payments to your paydays, to a specific date, or pay a little bit each week. The choice is yours with a flexible no credit check, no deposit prepaid electricity plan.
  • No Lengthy Contracts – With many electric plans, in order to get the advertised price, you have to sign a binding contract for a specified period of time, usually either 12, 24, or even 36 months! If you cancel, move out of state, or change plans before then, you could lose your deposit or be assessed a contractual penalty that is even larger than your deposit will cover. A prepaid electric plan lets you live your life without worrying about restrictive contracts. You get your low electricity price for however long you need service.

Take Control Of Your Plan

There’s nothing like getting the electric service you need on your terms. With flexible electricity plans, you can do just that. Compare electric plans from the cheapest electricity supplier in Texas side by side and save with a no credit check, no deposit electricity plan.

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