How to switch electricity providers in Houston Texas

Houstonians who live in areas served by the Reliant, Cirro, or any other electric company should be aware that there are other options to choose from.

There are many benefits associated with switching to a different provider, including lower rates and longer term agreements.

Switching electricity providers in Houston is possible through the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. As of 2002, the deregulated power markets meant that customers were free to select their own Retail Electric Provider (REP) – the companies that sell electric service to residential and commercial consumers – or continue to receive pre-deregulation services from the the legacy electric companies.

Who can switch?

Houstonians are not stuck with the electricity provider they currently have.

It is possible to switch electricity providers in Houston, TX. If you live in the Houston area your electricity is delivered by Centerpoint. However, the electric company that sells the electricity to you is up to you to choose. This is the meaning behind the Power to Choose slogan in Texas.

Considerations before switching

What do I need to consider before switching my electricity provider? In order to make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

How much does my current plan cost me?

Check you electric bill to see your average cost per kWh.

Electricity bills in Texas are somewhat standardized and you should be able to see what your real world average price per kWh is. Don’t be surprised if it is different from the rate that was advertised.

Are my prices going up/down often?

It is common to see your actual realized cost per kWh fluctuate somewhat from one bill to the next. This is because of the complicated ways electricity rates are calculated in Texas. This is even true of so called “fixed rate” electricity plans. But if you find your electricity bill fluctuating wildly from month to month, that might be a sign that you should shop for a better electricity plan from a different provider.

Benefits of Switching Electricity Providers in Houston, TX

The biggest benefit to switching electricity providers is, of course, price. You can expect to pay less money every month for your electricity when you compare rates between various retail electricity companies. Vaultelectricity.com has done the work necessary to locate all available electricity providers in the city and will make sure you get the best rate for your needs.

How to switch

Switching electricity is simple and painless. Once you decide on a new provider and electricity plan, the company you are switching with will do all the work. Fill out the online enrollment form or call the number provided on this site to complete your switch.

There will be no interruption in your service and you don’t have to contact your current provider. The only change you should notice is a new provider name and, hopefully, a better rate on your next bill.

Final Thoughts

When shopping around for an electric power supplier, consider factors such as: usage history (how much electricity do you typically use in a month), deposit requirement (most companies wont require a deposit if you have a good credit history), contract length, and most importantly – lowest price.

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