Flash Bundled 12 EFL

What You Need to Know About the Flash Bundled 12 Plan from Express Energy

What electric company offers the Flash Bundled Plan?

The Flash Bundled 12 plan is offered by Express Energy; one of the newer electricity providers in Texas.   The plan is among the many popular “bill credit” plans offered by many electric companies.  The plans are called bill credit plans because they offer credits on your bill once your usage meets a certain threshold number within the billing cycle.    In this case, the Flash Bundled 12 plan will give you a $100 bill credit when your usage hits 1000 kWh.

The “Bundled” in the name refers to the fact that all pass-through charges from the TDU are included in the Energy Charge for the plan.  The TDU is the infrastructure utility that maintains the wires in your area and actually delivers power to your home.  The TDU pass-throughs are the same for any electric company you choose.  It’s up to each individual company to either break these charges out separately in your billing or to simply bundle them into one blended rate for a particular plan.  In the Houston area, your TDU is CenterPoint energy.

What is the lowest price point of this electricity plan?

This plan is designed to have its lowest average electricity rate at exactly 1000 kWh of usage.  As of this writing, that rate is 8.1 cents per kWh if you live in the Houston area.  This chart illustrates the average electricity rate for the Flash Bundled plan at each usage level.

It’s important to note that rates change often and depending on when you are reading this the rates will likely be different than what we’ve shown here.  Always check for the most up to date electricity rates in your area by using our real time Texas electricity rate search tool.

Price per kWh based on usage
This chart illustrates what the actual price per kWh is for this plan based on the amount of electricity used per billing period.

What size home is this plan designed for?

Because this plan targets the 1000 kWh usage level, this plan would be best for homes that consistently use more than 1000 kWh of electricity.  If you find that you consistently use more than 2000 kWh, then you should look for a plan that’s more targeted to larger homes.  Once you exceed 1500 kWh other plans may be a better alternative for you.


Will I save money with this plan?

This review was written in December 2021.  At this point in time, the Flash Bundled 12 plan is the cheapest plan for the 1000 kWh usage level across much of Texas.  Rates in general are very high in Texas right now.  They are expected to drop after the beginning of the year.  Depending on how much electricity you use each month, this plan could be the cheapest new plan currently available.  However, to know if this is a cheaper rate than you are currently paying you will have to refer to your current electricity bill.

What are the cancelation fees for this plan?

Like all plans for Express Energy, the cancellation fee for this plan is $20 for each month that remains on your contract.  For example, if you cancelled with 10 months remaining in your contract, your cancelation fee would be $200.  If you cancelled with only one month remaining you would pay $20.

How do  I enroll in this plan?

To compare this plan with other plans available in your area, enter your zip code in the search box above.  From there you can enroll online or call the phone number provided to enroll online.

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