How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Less than 5 Minutes

How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Less than 5 Minutes

Let’s face it. As Texans, we know how hot and humid it can get in the summer. And, it seems like every summer there’s record-breaking heat. However, that doesn’t mean we need to break personal records on our summertime energy bills.

Did you know that there is a simple way to lower your electricity bill and that you can do it in less than 5 minutes? When asked to name the best ways to cut energy bills, the same tried-and-true answers pop up: Turn off unused appliances, install high-efficiency light bulbs and buy energy-efficient appliances. These are all good ideas and will indeed help you trim your bills. But they all have two things in common — they all require continued vigilance or upfront costs.

Sure, you can leave post-it notes reminding you to turn off the lights that aren’t needed, and you can even replace the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient ones.

However, there is an even easier way to lower your utility bill — you can lower your rate. In fact, you can reduce your electricity bill by 30% next month and every month after that.

Compare electricity rates in Texas

It’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to move to Texas and staying here. After all, we have amazing barbecue options, no income tax, awesome sports teams and the power to choose an electrical service provider. Electricity deregulation was approved by the Texas Senate in 2002, which gave consumers the option to select or switch to new electricity providers in Texas.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer? Do you have a different set of power lines? No. When you choose a different electricity provider in Texas, the electricity still comes down the same power lines into your house. So, if there is an outage, you still call the same number for repairs, and it’s the same repair crews that would do the work.

Of course, the big thing, and the one that every customer loves is electricity rates change. The cost you pay for electricity – or really anything else for that matter – is a function of a very simple equation: Usage times Rate.

Which brings us to our main inquiry: How can you lower your electricity bill in less than 5 minutes? You can compare electricity rates by the city in Texas. You can browse residential electricity rates and choose the right package for your needs. As stated earlier, power usage is calculated by the amount of power used and also by the time in which you use it. Compare rates the providers charge for kWh and make your decision. You can make the switch directly on our site, and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Vault Electricity works with dozens of the top electric companies in Texas so that our clients can find the lowest electricity rates. Choose from a variety of options, including 100% renewable energy plans. Did you know that our commercial clients can obtain rates that are up to 65% less than what they’re currently paying? It’s true. Businesses and commercial users can call us for more information.

Five simple ways to lower your electricity bill

While switching to a new provider with lower electricity rates is one of the best ways to save money on your electricity bil, you can save even more money on your bill by implementing these simple practices.

  • Seal up cracks and leaks in the house. One article from Consumer Reports said that sealing leaks around the doors and windows can reduce energy costs by 15 to 30%. Spring into action: Find ways to weather-strip and/or seal the cracks around your windows to keep heat in.
  • Turn on ceiling fans. We love to use our AC just as much as the next person; however, the final bill can be a doozy. Ceiling fans or portable fans are great to have—just make sure to unplug your portable fan when not in use! Also, when the AC is on, let the fans circulate the cold air. Of course, you can turn off the AC and save hundreds of dollars per year, too.

  • Use cold water to wash laundry. Did you know that about 75% of the energy required to do one load of laundry goes into heating the water? When you wash with cold water instead of hot, you can save up to $150. Use cold water detergents when you can, too.

  • Hang-dry clothing. Speaking of doing your laundry, line-drying your clothes can reduce your daily electricity costs, too. We get it, we’re in Texas, and there are always allergens in the air. If you’ve got a spare room or don’t mind having clothes hanging around, dry them indoors.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. Do you leave the AC on even when you’re out and about? Having a programmable thermostat allows you to program your AC so it comes out a few moments you before you come home from or turn it off after you leave for work or errands. You can save upwards of 30% on your bill!

These are just a few easy ways to lower your electricity bill. When you switch to a new provider and apply some of these simple tasks, you’ll be able to enjoy some extra savings to spend on ice cream or whatever else keeps you cool.

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