How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Less than 5 Minutes

If asked to name the best ways to cut energy bills most people would give the same tried and true answers. Turn off lights in empty rooms. Turn off unused appliances. Install high efficiency light bulbs. Buy energy efficient appliances. Adjust your thermostat.

These are all good ideas and will indeed help you trim your bills. But they all have two things in common; they all require continued vigilance or upfront costs. Beyond that they require you to change your behavior – or your children’s behavior (Turn off those lights!).

The cost you pay for electricity – or really anything else for that matter – is a function of a very simple equation: Usage times Rate.

The most obvious and unfortunately underused method of reducing your electricity bill is to simply lower your rate. It’s that simple. Without unplugging your appliances or putting your thermostat under lock and key you can reduce your electricity bill by 30% next month and every month after that.

One of the benefits of living in the great state of Texas beyond no income taxes, big pickup trucks, and great barbeque is the power to choose your electricity provider. That’s because electricity in most parts of Texas has been deregulated for a number of years.

In this case, however, the term “provider” can be misleading. When you choose a different electricity provider in Texas the electricity still comes down the same lines into your house, so if there is an outage you still call the same number for repairs and it’s the same repair crews that would do the work.

For all practical purposes the only thing that changes for the consumer is the name on the electricity bill. And, more importantly, the RATE! In fact, the whole process can be done online in just a few minutes.

This site lists available electricity rates by city in Texas. The process of switching to a lower rate takes about as long as installing one of those high efficiency light bulbs. This isn’t just good advice for residential electricity users.

For businesses, even the slightest reduction in rates can translate into dramatic reductions in electricity bills. Depending on the size of the business this could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

Where else in life does one have the choice between a higher price or a lower price for the exact same product delivered in the exact same way?

Vault Energy Solutions helps Texas businesses and households lower their electricity rate. We work with dozens of the top electric companies in Texas to obtain the lowest rates for our clients. Residential users can use our site to compare the lowest electric rates in Texas, and commercial users can call us to obtain rates that are up to 65% less than they are currently paying.

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