Top 3 Green Home Appliances

Switching your old appliances for eco-friendly, green models can save you up to $400 a month! Let’s face it, we all want cheaper energy bills. Besides keeping a ton of money, making the switch to green home appliances is good for the environment. We’re already recycling, watching how much water we consume, minimizing our use of plastics and carrying our bags to the grocery store. So, it makes sense to buy new household appliances that are energy efficient, too. You’ll also want to choose green energy providers that live up to the same standards as you.

Check this out: Data compiled by Green America reported that green appliances used by American consumers save up to $12 billion on energy costs. Plus, energy-efficient appliances can reduce greenhouse emissions. Bottom line: You can save money and do your part in helping to leave a healthier planet for generations to come. Who doesn’t want to do that?

So, why are green appliances important? First, you’re going to use less energy. In the state of Texas, there’s a high chance that this energy is coming from burning fossil fuels. Burning fewer fuels leads to a happier environment.

Second, green appliances help to conserve water. Unfortunately, there is not an infinite supply of water available. You can also consider switching to an alternative electricity supply, such as solar power and natural gas.

Taking care of the environment should start at home. Below are the top three green appliances. Replace outdated appliances and get ready to save money and help the environment!

Choosing Green Energy Appliances

Upgrade to an energy-efficient washing machine. Did you know that about 90% of the energy used to do a load of laundry is to heat water? Here’s the thing: We don’t need to use hot water to get clothes clean. In fact, today’s energy efficient washing machines can get your clothes clean using the cold water setting. Look for front-loading washing machines because they use less per load. Plus, front-loaders are faster, and you’ll use less laundry detergent, which helps to save money and our planet.

Eco-friendly dishwashers are the smart choice. Washing dishes is one of our least favorite chores. If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, you know how great it is. Remember when dishwashers were huge? Guess what: They don’t have to be.

When you’re out shopping for an eco-friendly model, consider the size. The size has a direct impact on the amount of water and energy being used to get those dishes clean. There are models available with internal water heaters, which are great because they can adjust the water temperature inside. Plus, many ENERGY STAR®-rated models are better at cleaning and sanitizing dishes.

Shop for sustainable ovens. You might be wondering what a sustainable oven is. These are ovens built by manufacturers that use sustainable workmanship. The entire process is sustainable, from creating the ovens to the way they get delivered to the stores. Bosch manufactures ovens this way — even the packing materials used are made from recycled materials. Of course, it’s not merely a process of choosing an eco-conscious builder of ovens. Simple things, such as keeping the oven door shut while you’re baking a meal, can reduce energy cost.

After all, up to 10% of energy lost is due to an open door. So, next time you want to check to see if your meal is ready, turn on the light or take out the dish, close the door and put it back in if it’s not ready to eat.

Some other appliances to consider include consumer electronic devices such as monitors and TVs that are ENERGY STAR compliant.

Compare Green Energy Providers

Going green is easier than ever for both residential and commercial properties. Did you know that you can compare green energy providers? It’s true. Thanks to our user-friendly website, it’s easy to find green energy providers in your area. You can find renewable energy providers that offer plans with 100% renewable electricity.

For a small monthly fee, some green energy providers provide customers with the option to convert their traditional plans to a 100% green plan.

Some of the sources in a green energy plan include solar, wind, hydroelectric, bioenergy, geothermal and tidal power plants.

At Vault Electricity, we update electricity rates hourly. That way, you have real-time information you can use when comparing the green energy providers on our list of trusted companies, such as Green Mountain Energy and TriEagle Energy. Compare rates today and find the best plan suited to your home or business needs.

Right now is a great time to adjust your habits toward being a more eco-friendly consumer. Shop around for green appliances and be sure to compare green energy providers on our website.

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