TXU Ultimate Summer Pass 12 – What You Need To Know

The Ultimate Summer Pass 12 is TXU’s latest Time-of-Use (TOU) plan. TXU has a long history of popular TOU plans.  It’s been almost a decade since they released the TXU Free Nights plan which later became the Free Nights and Solar Days plan. Since then, many electricity providers have offered similar plans.

The Ultimate Summer Pass 12 plan includes two different time-of-use elements.

50% off electricity during the summer

You will receive a 50% discount from the TXU energy charge during the summer months.  This plan defines the summer months as being between June 1st and September 30th.  Note that this discount applies only to the Energy Charge portion of your bill.  It does not apply to the TDU charges that TXU collects on behalf of your local delivery utility.  If you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area this is a fee that goes to Oncor.  Currently this rate is 3.89¢/kWh.

Free Hottest Days

In addition to the 50% discount during summer months, you will pay an Energy Charge of 0¢/KWh on the three hottest days each month from June to September .    This is not exactly free electricity because the TDU pass thru charges still apply.

TXU will use designated local weather stations to determine which days near you are the hottest.  If there is a tie, your highest usage days among those hottest days will used for your free days.

What else you need to know about the TXU Ultimate Summer Pass 12 Plan

Your bill will consist of 3 elements.

Energy charge – This represents the biggest part of your electric bill and is the portion of the bill that is eligible for the 50% off and free days.  The Energy Charge is based on the TDU area you live in.  See the table below for Energy Charges by area.  These rates are current as of the rollout of the plan.  But electricity rates in Texas change often.  So always review current rates and the current electricity facts label (EFL) before you enroll in this or any plan.

TDUEnergy Charge
AEP North14.4¢/kWh
AEP South14.4¢/kWh

Base Charge – This is a flat $9.95 monthly charge regardless of how much power you use.

TDU delivery charges – Any plan from any electric company in Texas has TDU charges included.  Sometimes they are bundled with the energy charge.  But usually, they are broken out separately.

So what is the electricity rate on the TXU Ultimate Summer Pass 12 plan?

TXU Ultimate Summer Pass 12 Terms

For the rollout, TXU is advertising a rate of 16.9¢/kWh for 1000 kWh of usage in the Oncor (DFW) area.  When you add the per kWh charges together you get a total of 20.8¢/kWh for your non-summer days.

During the summer months, this rate drops to 11.05¢/Kwh.  On the three hottest days the rate is equal to the TDU charge of 3.89¢/kWh

TXU has done the math to arrive at an average rate of 16.9¢/kWh over the length of your contract.

Cancellation Fee

The plan has a cancelation fee of $150.00 if you leave before the 12 month term.


  • I was just on the phone with a representative of TXU Energy. He was attempting to get me on the Summer Pass Plan because my electricity bill is Outrageously high! He explained to me that the plan would start June 21, 2022 and end September 21, 2022.

    However, he also explained that I could be on the plan for 60 days at NO CANCELLATION FEE and go back to my original month to month bill at 12cent. Now that I’m reading this information I see that there is a cancellation fee of $150.00. I have been a long time TXU customer and this seems like a ploy, scam and any other word I can’t say right now. Why would he tell me this, it’s because most customers don’t read all of the imformation and this is how big utility companies scam the working, retired people who can barely afford any electricty and this is my case.
    Shame on you TXU Energy! I guess I have to turn my AC off for the entire Summer.

    Cindy Joseph


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