Texas electricity rates chart

February 2019 Texas Electricity Rate Update

The Texas Electricity Rate Index took a nice down tick in February thanks mostly to attractive rates offered at the 1000 kWh usage level by several electricity providers.  Average electricity rates offered across all usage levels fell from 11.3¢/kWh to 11.0¢/kWh.  In the Houston area, the drop was larger; going from 11.6¢/kWh to 10.9¢/kWh.

The cheapest electricity rate in the Centerpoint service area is the Easy Saver 12 by 4Change Energy, which is being offered at 7.9¢/kWh.  This is the best deal we have seen in several months.  The average rate is based on a fixed cost of $79 per month for usage levels up to 1000 kWh.  For usage above 1000 kWh there is a per kWh cost of 14.9¢/kWh.  This results in a reasonable rate for usage between 800 kWh and 1400 kWh per month.  If you typically use less or more than that, you might be better off with a different plan.

In the Dallas / Fort Worth area, the cheapest electricity rates are offered by Gexa with a 16 month term.  The Saver Supreme 16 is listed at 7.0¢/kWh at 1000 kWh.  Again, the amount of electricity you use each month is important to the pricing in this plan.  The plan features a $75 bill credit that applies when your usage for the month falls between 1000 kWh and 2000 kWh per month. The result of this would be a steep jump in your bill and average electricity rate if you use less or more than that amount.

Texas electricity rates chart

Texas Electricity Rates by City

Texas Location/Size Average Rate Lowest Rate Cheapest Provider
Houston  Apartment (500 kWh) 12.6¢/kWh 11.9¢/kWh Gexa Energy
Houston  Sm Home (1000 kWh) 9.8¢/kWh 7.9¢/kWh 4Change Energy
Houston  Lg Home (2000 kWh) 10.4¢/kWh 9.7¢/kWh Frontier Energy
Dallas  Apartment (500 kWh) 11.3¢/kWh 10.3¢/kWh Gexa Energy
Dallas  Sm Home (1000 kWh) 9.1¢/kWh 7.9¢/kWh 4Change Energy
Dallas  Lg Home (2000 kWh) 9.4¢/kWh 8.3¢/kWh Frontier Energy
Lewisville  Apartment (500 kWh) 13.6¢/kWh 11.7¢/kWh Gexa Energy
Lewisville  Sm Home (1000 kWh) 10.5¢/kWh 8.5¢/kWh Frontier Energy
Lewisville  Lg Home (2000 kWh) 10.5¢/kWh 9.5¢/kWh 4Change Energy
Victoria  Apartment (500 kWh) 13.1¢/kWh 11.8¢/kWh Gexa Energy
Victoria  Sm Home (1000 kWh) 9.9¢/kWh 8.5¢/kWh 4Change Energy
Victoria  Lg Home (2000 kWh) 10.5¢/kWh 9.9¢/kWh Frontier Energy
Abilene  Apartment (500 kWh) 12.5¢/kWh 11.4¢/kWh Gexa Energy
Abilene  Sm Home (1000 kWh) 10.9¢/kWh 9.9¢/kWh 4Change Energy
Abilene  Lg Home (2000 kWh) 10.5¢/kWh 9.9¢/kWh 4Change Energy


The rates listed here are a snapshot as of 2/18/2019.  To see current rates in your city use our real time electricity rate comparison tool at the top of the page.

Rates listed in table are for 12 month plans.  Rates will be different for longer or shorter duration plans.

Trouble for Power To Choose Website

In other Texas electricity news this month, legislation has been proposed to eliminate the plan listing functionality of the state’s Power To Choose electricity website.  The site has long been plagued by deceptive plans listed by questionable electricity providers.   Because the site is required to list all plans by Texas electricity providers, companies are constantly trying to game the system to make their electricity plans look cheaper than they really are.   Officials are recognizing that the government website is unable to protect consumers from deceptive practices because there is no mechanism to evaluate plans for suitability.

Vault electricity has been helping Texas electricity consumers for over 10 years by educating Texans on how to evaluate an electricity plan.  More importantly, we are not required to list every electricity plan by any company that wants to call themselves a Texas electricity provider.  We refuse to list bait-and-switch electricity plans on our website or list electricity providers that have a questionable history or who employ deceptive tactics.  We have helped over 100,000 Texas homeowners and renters save money by finding cheap electricity plans that aren’t too good to be true.

More information on Texas electricity rates.


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