Texas electricity rates

June 2019 Texas Electricity Rates Update

Electricity rates in Texas typically trend higher as summer approaches.  Summer brings high temperatures and high demand for electricity which typically puts upward pressure on rates.   So far this season, however, electricity rates are continuing their year-long decline.

The average electricity rate available in the Oncor delivery area fell to 7.6¢ per kWh in June for the 1,000 kWh usage level.  This was down from 7.9¢ in the previous month.  In fact, average rates ticked down for all deregulated regions of Texas across all usage levels.


Texas Electricity Rate Chart

Texas electricity rates

Gexa energy is still offering 24 month and 36 month electricity plans that are at or below the best rates being offered for 12 month plans.  This represents a good opportunity for homeowners to lock in the current rates for a long time.

Once again, the cheapest rates available for 1000 kWh usage levels are mostly from electric plans offered by 4Change Energy and Gexa Energy.  For those looking for cheap electricity for an apartment, all of the cheapest plans listed currently are from Trieagle.  Trieagle also has competitive rates for larger homes that usage around 2000 kWhs a month.


electricity plans in Texas
Average and Best electricity plans in Texas


Among the larger electricity brands, TXU is offering generally cheaper rates than Reliant this summer.


Concerns About The Summer Electricity Supply in Texas

The continued downward trend in electricity rates in Texas is particularly interesting considering that the state is preparing for what could be a difficult summer for the Texas electricity grid.  Officials are warning that Texas may run short of electricity this summer during peak demand periods.  Look for emergency warnings from ERCOT this summer asking Texans to temporarily curtail their electricity usage during hot days when demand for electricity threatens to exceed the available supply.


For a more detailed look, check out our Texas electricity rates page.


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